Santana bowling for good

Greenberg was the wife of one of Santana’s agents, Ed Greenberg, and her death from melanoma in 2007 at 42 so profoundly affected the Met ace that he joined the fight against skin cancer. On Monday, a Mets off-day, he is hosting the Johan Santana All-Star Bowling Classic at Lucky Strike Manhattan to raise money for his foundation, which will donate the proceeds to programs dedicated to fighting skin cancer….

“We need to make people realize how bad this is and that it can happen to anybody,” Santana says. “We are all human beings, regardless of who you are or what you do. We are human beings and we’re exposed to everything. You go outside, you’re exposed. At the end of the day, we’re all fragile when it comes to illness and disease.”

There were an estimated 68,720 new cases of melanoma in the United States in 2009 and 8,650 deaths, according to the website for the National Cancer Institute.

Anthony McCarron, N.Y. Daily News.

This will be the first of two posts about Santana and I wanted to start with the good part. He’s taken up a cause that’s pretty important to me, and one that stands to benefit from mere awareness of the issue.

So here’s me doing my very small part. Charities love celebrity endorsements like Santana’s because they raise awareness to the press and public in addition to funds. I’m (vaguely) a member of the press, so I figured I’d spread the word. Wear sunscreen.

Also, the article mentions that Santana bowled a 160 at a bowling event he hosted in Minnesota a few years ago. I’m not a great or frequent bowler by any stretch, but I pretty often put up scores in that same range. So we may have found a sport I could beat Johan Santana at.

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