Their heinous

Big hat tip to Connor for pointing this out to me:

Argenis Reyes is currently hitting .197 with a .535 OPS in 66 at-bats for the New Jersey Jackals of the independent Can-Am League. Reyes, if you’ll recall, started 22 games for the Mets over the course of 2008 and 2009.

Abraham Nunez, he of the Abraham Nunez Axiom, has a bizarre .286/.467/.321 slash line for the same club, presumably because no Can-Am League pitcher wants to put the ball over the plate for a hitter of Abraham Nunez’s caliber.

Incidentally, when he came up in 2008, Argenis Reyes became the first Major Leaguer ever named Argenis. Earlier this season, the Pirates committed two pinch-hit at-bats to a fellow named Argenis Diaz, himself a weak-hitting middle infielder. The Major League Baseball rulebook stipulates that the league can not support more than one Argenis at a time.

UPDATE: As the Argenis Police points out in the comments section, the weak-hitting middle infielder known as Angel Salazar was actually an Argenis as well: His full name is Argenis Antonio Salazar. I commend the Argenis Police for their vigilance and diligence on what must be an enormously taxing patrol.

3 thoughts on “Their heinous

  1. Glad to see that someone is looking out for Argenis. Don’t look now, but he’s got the old batting average up to .272. Abraham, on the other hand, is down to .248.

    By the way, they’re not the only ex-Mets who have infiltrated the highly selective ranks of the Can-Am League. Duaner Sanchez leads the circuit with nine saves for the Sussex Skyhawks.

    And guess who the Skyhawks are playing a doubleheader against at Yogi Berra Stadium in Little Falls, N.J. right now? That’s right — Argenis, Abraham and the Jackals.

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