Whaddaya say we invent a rumor?

A friend and I were recently discussing the Braves’ amazing success culling young players from the Atlanta area, and we noticed that their budding ace, Tommy Hanson, was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

He grew up in California, but that’s immaterial.

The brothers Hanson from the eponymous pop band “Hanson” — not to be confused with the Hanson Brothers — are also from Tulsa. And Tommy Hanson bears some vague likeness, at least in his coloring, to the boys responsible for “MMMBop.”

There’s no evidence on the Internet that Tommy Hanson is related to Hanson the band, but if either comes up in conversation, I strongly suggest you insist that they’re first cousins.

No one would believe that Tommy Hanson is the fourth Hanson brother, both because his family moved to California and because we would certainly hear about it more often if he were. But I think first-cousin is believable.

So you heard it here first: Braves pitcher Tommy Hanson is first cousins with Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson of Hanson. Tell your friends.

19 thoughts on “Whaddaya say we invent a rumor?

  1. You seriously have way too much time on your hands. Seriously? No Tommy is not related to “Hanson” the band. You really should check yourself and find better things to do than starting stupid rumors, you even found some idiots to agree with you. Congrats your a loser…

    • @Brad Gates: You’re even more of a loser for fully reading an article that you thought was stupid, and then commenting on it. Ted is awesome. You suck. Stupid.

      • Good points all around, but be careful not to make powerful enemies. I hear that Brad is Bill Gates’ nephew.

  2. @ JMU Chris: I do suck, and your mother loves it. As for me being stupid, thats debatable. I read the whole article because I know Tommy, and know hes not related to the band Hanson. The fact that you think its cute to put it on your page is whatever, but to add it to his wiki page is disrespectful, and quite childish.

  3. Mr. Berg, First of all I would like to apologize for my rude, and unproffesional comments toward you and your readers. I should have NOT approached it that way. Secondly I would like to ask you to PLEASE stop this unwanted rumor mill. This is NOT about me being angry, or you being a funny, whitty journalist. Its about every little kid that ever put on a baseball jersey and had a dream to carry thier family name to the BIGS! Its about Tommys grandpa Hanson who never lived to see his dream, of Tommy wearing the family name on a big league field. And Tommy’s dad, Tom Hanson Sr. who worked hard as an ironworker so that one day Tommy can stand on the mound and wear HIS family name in PRIDE. Its about your family name and, your parents who Im very sure, are proud that you carry thier name. Please accept my apology and stop. This is not a huge deal to most people, but to some people, a name is all you have. Its what makes baseball and america great, our HERITAGE. Thank You.

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