2 thoughts on “Look, it’s Carlos Beltran and he’s doin’ stuff!

  1. Carlos is a god.

    Gotta say something I never thought I would — have to give Francesa a lot of credit for defending Beltran against the morons who both host shows at and call in to his station.

    Yesterday, some caller is making the ridiculous argument that Beltran isn’t “clutch” and Francesa goes over all the times he has been.

    The caller says, I swear, “Well, he hasn’t come through every time. He’s not Babe Ruth.”

    I suppose that’s true. Carlos has never hit 1.000 for a season and isn’t the greatest player in the history of the game. So by all means, we’re better off with Pagan/Francouer.

  2. Hahaha I guess that explains the shoutout I got from the @MikeFrancesaNY Twitter yesterday. He said Beltran is clutch and all Mets fans are “lawst” except me.

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