R.A. Dickey refutes reports that he’s a nerd

I asked Dickey about the Daily News article that mentioned how he was looking up stats on the Internet before his last start, hoping to find out precisely which stats he was looking up and how he used them. But he told me it wasn’t true. He said there may have been stats up on the computer when he sat down, but he wasn’t looking at them.

Josh Thole appeared amused by the entire conversation, either because of Dickey’s elocution or because I had the gall/stupidity to ask a baseball player about his stats. Ike Davis, on his way to the shower, chimed in that they only look at their record.

Dickey said the team goes over hitters’ tendencies and baserunning habits in their pitcher meetings at the beginning of each series, but that most players he knows intentionally avoid looking at their stats or anyone else’s during the season.

12 thoughts on “R.A. Dickey refutes reports that he’s a nerd

  1. Ted, I’m pregaming at my friends place in Hawthorne, and then we’re going to White Plains. Come drink with us. We’re cool, I promise!!!! Well, I am…

    • Like I said, I’m always down for booze, but I just got back from Long Island and I have to wake up at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow to play baseball. So tonight’s no good.

      I’m going to try to set up some sort of Mets viewing party for the White Plains area in the upcoming weeks. You should come.

      • Ahh I go to Grad School in DC, head back there on Thursday. Just happened to be back in Westchester because of the need for shelter…I’m in between leases back in DC.
        Also, I’ve been reading for far too long without commenting…Taco Bell is SWEET!

      • Yeah, sadly American. Should’ve went to Georgetown where there aren’t a plethora of hippies. Anyway, I suggest Brazen Fox for a viewing even though I won’t be here…although because I bounced there in between summers during college I may in fact be biased…but It’s probably the best place for a viewing party. Avoid Porter House and Black Bear at all costs…way too narrow to have a solid viewing party.

    • I’m not much of one now, but I was a pretty good high school football player back in the day. In baseball, I’ve never been more than a decent slap hitter.

  2. Gary Cohen: “Mijares is just rejoining the Twins. He was on the bereavement list for a week, down in Venezuela. He had a family emergency. The Twins don’t believe he picked up a ball for a week, so we’ll see how he pitches today.”
    Keith Hernandez: “Looks like he didn’t miss a meal.”

    I hope I wasn’t the only one who heard that

  3. I’m okay with this. It would be too easy for players to let the ups and downs of various stats get in their heads.

    I was charmed by this NYT story about the World Cup pool the players have going.

    “Reyes drew New Zealand in the pool, and when he was told it had no chance of winning, he grew indignant.

    “’Hey, man, you’ve always got a chance,’ he said.”


    I want my players to always feel that the possibilities are open, that it’s all about their own will to perform. I don’t myself believe that’s true, but it’s the mindset that will help them perform at their peak level.

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