Great news, fellas

I went over to New York Magazine’s site looking for a story about the Mets and Puerto Rico. But once there, I got sidetracked by a photo gallery of a recent fashion show in Paris, and something that looks a hell of a lot like a skirt for men:

Say what you want about the style, but I’m comfortable enough with myself to admit it: If something like that ever shows up in my size at Old Navy, I’m buying it. If society says it’s OK, I’ll gladly wear a skirt.

Actually, during steamy summers like this one I even think about heading over to my nearest plus-sized women’s store, picking up a skirt, and wearing it to work one day.

It is downright preposterous that men are expected to wear long pants in formal settings. Preposterous, I say. How am I supposed to focus on my work when my business is so poorly ventilated?

People say: Well, you can’t wear a skirt because that’s what women wear. Hokum. Once I started wearing the skirt, it’d be something men wear. And they say, “well, it’s making fun of transgendered people, who legitimately feel uncomfortable in their own skin.” No it’s not; it has nothing to do with them. This is about the war between man and pants, which pants have been winning for far too long. Don’t devalue my own discomfort.

Oh and the other thing? Kilts are not the same. Kilts are made of wool and so would be ineffective for staving off the heat. I’m talking about skirts, bro.

The only reason I’m not wearing a skirt right now is the societal norm. Damn this self-consciousness.

And lastly, I have nice, toned calves that I feel should be accentuated.

12 thoughts on “Great news, fellas

  1. Dude, I know this isn’t the place, but can you please get rid of the code that takes you up or down a post when you hid the up or down arrows? I use those to scroll and I keep losing my place due to that annoying thing.

  2. Skirts are really cool, but only if they’re made of cotton. Other fabrics including synthetics and wool are just too hot and itchy to relieve one’s thighs from heat and humidity. So, Ted, a cotton skirt it is! Right on, brother!!

  3. Things don’t become socially accepted until trailblazers blaze a trail, Ted. I think you might fit the bill – you’re open to new ideas and you have a platform. The world awaits your leadership!

  4. LOL

    If it were socially acceptable I would drape myself in velvet.

    Also I hit the down arrow on my keyboard and it scrolled up the page at ludicrous speed. It’s pretty cool actually, I’ve done it like 6 times now.

  5. I kinda have to disagree on this one. I don’t think I would wear a skirt. Shorts, but not a skirt. And trying to break the social norm of shorts in formal situations might go over a little easier than doing so with skirts. Just sayin’.

    Also, Bermuda has adopted this style, although they enjoy the high dress socks, bright color shorts, and blazer combo which, in my opinion, may not be the best option with what to do with the ensemble.

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