David Wright awesome at baseball, right about everything

“It’s not my body, so I don’t know exactly what he’s feeling. I also don’t know what he’s telling other people that he’s feeling,” Wright said Monday afternoon at a press conference at the Anaheim Marriott, as Reyes sat at an adjacent table, conducting his own interviews. “But if there’s any chance that he could do any more damage to himself, or if there’s a chance maybe it’s not best for the team for him to be out there, I think ultimately somebody needs to say something and avoid him hurting himself, because he’s going to want to be out there to play and he’s going to want to be out there trying to do things that maybe he shouldn’t.”

Had Wright not intervened, would anyone else have? Wright indicated over the weekend he didn’t know the answer. It’s certainly debatable.

Adam Rubin, ESPN New York.

Everyone’s asking the same questions. I brought them up Saturday after the game. Howard Megdal wondered about them yesterday on SNY.tv. Andy Martino did the same in this morning’s Daily News.

Why did David Wright have to be the person to stop Jose Reyes from playing through pain and risking further injury? Where was the manager, the general manager, the medical staff? Did no one learn anything from last year?

It’s absurd. Surreal even.

And look: Hopefully all goes well and Reyes heals with a few days off and this whole thing becomes just a weird little hiccup in an otherwise positive season. But it’s baffling nonetheless. What happened to Prevention and Recovery? Did the Mets somehow think that since Angel Pagan healed reasonably quickly from his oblique strain, Reyes would necessarily do the same? Reyes never denied that he was in pain. Obviously he wants to play through it; he’s a professional athlete, that’s how he’s wired.

Ugh. Whatever. Whatever, whatever.

The only upside to this is it again demonstrates how lucky we are, as Mets fans, to have David Wright around.

I have, in the past, accused Wright of being a crowd-pleaser and a cliche machine, but the more I hear him talk the less I think that’s the case. I think maybe he just gets it. He’s the guy who said, “we’re healthy,” when asked about the changes in the clubhouse this year and who straight-up dismissed Omar Minaya’s comments about the team’s lack of edge last year.

Wright’s comments about Reyes yesterday actually read a little like a column I wrote about Reyes’ injuries back in October: No one can understand anyone else’s pain and it shouldn’t be the responsibility of players to diagnose their own injuries.

David Wright has already produced several wins for the Mets this year with his bat and glove. And he appears to be the only person in the organization concerned with securing more wins in the future. What a stud.

16 thoughts on “David Wright awesome at baseball, right about everything

  1. Amen. My man-crush on DW grows with each passing day. Add in the statements about understanding the ups and downs of season, rather than making silly excuses for his mini-slump, and not worrying about the uptick in Ks, as evidence that DW just “gets it”.

    It’s supremely frustrating that it seems the front office learned nothing from the injury debacles of last year/offseason.

  2. Was there not a time in baseball where toughness was appreciated? Where fans appreciated it when a player and a team would battle through the nicks, bruises and strains of a major league season and tough it out?

    I understand the game has changed some but we are now basically killing the Mets and Jose for trying to play through some pain. Its gotten to the point where these players are babied so much that fans now are upset that a guy is not put on the DL.

    I’m so sick of every injury big or small regarding a Mets player turning into Armageddon. Injuries happen, all the time, guy try to play through, they either can or cant. This is how it has always been and always will, and is how it should be. Stop complaining about it already.

    • So you’re saying you enjoyed those completely unproductive at-bats Jose had as a righty vs. right-handed pitching? Just because “toughing it out” is the old school mentality doesn’t mean that we, as fans, can’t see the lack of foresight in hurting the team by having Jose play in a way he’s not used to and risking further injury to Jose at the same time. And more injuries to Reyes means more hurting the team.

      Yes, we’re allowed to complain about this.

      • You are entitled to any opinion you want, as am I, and IMO stuff like this is whiny nonsense by a group of fans who are after last year overly sensitive.

      • Ridiculous. You’re getting diminished performances from the injured player and increasing the chances that they may end up with an even more serious injury and out of the game all together. Just because you CAN go out and play doesnt mean you should. I’d rather have Reyes out for 2 weeks than have him play at a diminished capacity for a week and then have to sit out 3.

  3. Ted,

    I also agree with your statement of “No one can understand anyone else’s pain” but disagree with the part “it shouldn’t be the responsibility of players to diagnose their own injuries”. In a case like this some responsibility is on the player. They examined the guy, took an MRI and found nothing wrong. How are the team or the doctors in this case supposed to diagnose the injury except by going on what Reyes says? This is not clear cut as it sounds. If hes saying he feels ok are the Mets supposed to just DL him anyway? There is in a case like this a responsibility for the player to help diagnose his own injury, since the doctors have no other way of knowing.

    This is similar to the Ryan Church thing. Concussions don’t show up with tests or scans, just symptoms, which can only be diagnosed by what the player tells them hes experiencing. If a team just started making overly cautious decisions to DL players who are not experiencing symptoms, that’s not going to go over well in the clubhouse.

    My point really is that this is all just not as clear cut as most looking at it in hindsight make it out to be. I didn’t see any Tedquarters articles the last week about this until he had to be pulled form the game. Correct me if I am wrong on that though.

    • I would say the telling sign should have been that he couldn’t hit lefty. I’m not sure if he communicated that he couldn’t or the team decided he shouldn’t, but in either case, it’s pretty solid evidence that he wasn’t right.

      For what it’s worth, I tweeted that they should put him on the DL on July 4, but I didn’t post anything here saying as much then or immediately thereafter when he started playing games hitting righty. I spent a large portion of Saturday’s game talking with Eric Simon about how silly it seemed to have him playing if he was clearly still hurting, but I didn’t publish that.

      The thing is, though, I was never close enough to Reyes to see him visibly wince while throwing the ball. If it was something Wright could notice, wouldn’t it be something coaches should notice in warmups or trainers should notice while stretching him out?

      • The only issue I have is that people, not you, just tend to jump on this stuff after the fact. We see a lot of, “he should have been on the DL”, or “the Mets screwed this up” etc, but most of it comes only after it seems he still hurting or may have aggravated it.

        Its like the Angel Pagan situation. Its identical actually. Similar injury, he sat out a while, then worked his way back into the lineup, the same way, only batting RH at first, and now he’s fine. Why don’t we see the same type of outrage about the handling of Pagan? Well we know why, because he came back fine, and its back to his awesome self.

        The lack of complaining about how Pagan was handled, coupled with the fact that the outrage over Jose didn’t start until he MAY have had a setback, proves my point, that most of the complainers (not all though) only tend to judge these situations in hindsight based on the outcome.

      • Most mets fans I know. Have were saying he shouldn’t be playing well before the re aggravation, like Ted said the fact that he couldn’t bat lefty in itself should have been a clue to the staff. Or they could have at least realized he was decidedly less effective batting righty so it made no sense to rush him back when he wouldn’t be helping us at the plate anyway, and tejada isn’t much lesser in the field.

    • Repeatedly while Reyes was playing and taking his oh so productive ABs from the right side…he would say “Yes he was in pain. Yes it bothered him but he was trying to play through it.” That is what he is supposed to say…so the fans and media don’t ride him about being soft.

      That being said…Reyes did not hide the fact that he was feeling pain. His instincts tell him to take the field…that’s when it becomes the team’s/manager’s responsibility as the people who fill out the lineup to sit him out to rest. It shouldn’t be a players responsibility to diagnose their injuries….because they are going to want to play.

      The big picture of this article and the others within the week by the MSM is that of the Mets driving home this theory of “Prevention & Recovery”…yet running out one of their “stars” who is blatantly NOT at 100%. That makes the Mets look like hypocrites….it also makes them look inept that their 3rd baseman is the one who had to have a pair & say enough is enough. If Wright had been wrong & Reyes was “fine”…they could have ran him out there the next day or let him play in the AS Game. Obviously there’s a problem…and they knew that even though the tests were negative. It’s not an issue of hindsight being 20/20, as many were asking questions throughout this entire fiasco. The Mets have a medical staff and a coaching staff that is supposed have the players’ health and the best interest of the team at heart. David Wright isn’t listed under any of those roles…he shouldn’t have to be.

      • Like I keep saying, its just not as simple as you, and many fans want it to be. The team cannot just arbitrarily decide to shut a guy down at the slightest hint of pain. Like the case of Pagan, it turns out there was no need to DL him or shut him down long term.

        As I said earlier, they MRI’d him, and there is nothing show to be wrong. All the Mets could go by is what Reyes tells them, so in that case, I’d have to disagree with you like I did with Ted, and say that there is a great deal of responsibility on the player to “diagnose his own injury” if that’s what you want to call it.

        A team has to give players some leeway in cases of injuries like this. Players want to play, and if a team just starts shutting everyone down at the hint of a problem its not going to go over well with players. Say David Wright took one off the hand Thursday night and its sore the next day but he could prob play by the weekend, do you think it would fly if Jerry said well we are going to DL you?

        They have to let the injuries play out and see what happens, and if that costs them a few extra days with Reyes so be it, because on the flip side, the not overly cautious approach got Pagan back a week ahead of when he would have come back had they DLed him.

      • The point of this all wasn’t whether or not the Mets put Reyes on the DL. When Pagan came back from his strain he wasn’t altering any part of his game in a huge way to compensate his injury. Reyes wasn’t batting from the left side because he couldn’t. Period. Each player reacts and recovers differently…which is way Pagan and Reyes can’t be treated the same way. Players play with & thru pain all the time, so no you don’t take players out with every ache and pain and DL them keep saying. But when you can SEE that there is an obvious problem, the writing is on the wall. Pagan came back out on all cylinders, so to speak. Reyes did not. I don’t think anyone who questioned the move of him coming back when he was playing with limitations is being overly cautious. It’s a legit question many people have been asking and have a right to ask.

        It’s not like there was a hint of a problem with Reyes. He was outwardly wincing with the discomfort. He was not swinging from the left side. He could only slide headfirst. That’s not a hint….that’s there is a problem.

        But again…the biggest problem was that Wright had to be the guy to say “Look I want this guy at 100% for this team…not 60% and wincing.”

      • You don’t even have your facts straight SD, Pagan came back the exact same way Reyes did. His first few games he only hit right handed, because he could not yet hit left handed. The only difference is that Pagan didn’t face RH pitching as a righty, since the Mets had a better option in Feliciano. With Cora being the backup to Reyes, Reyes RH was probably better still that Cora.

      • Again, Chris M, he CANNOT swing a bat from the left. There is no reason for him to completely change everything he has ever done as a hitter just to be a “gamer.” Shut him down for a little while (remember he’s coming off a multiple-injury year) and let him get some rest. Are we babying him? Yeah. But we have a ton of money resting on a healthy Reyes and if he’s going to give us replacement level production anyway, why not DL him and just bring in a replacement anyway?

        And just because Pagan recovered well doesnt mean the same exact thing will work for Reyes. Medicine, unfortunately, doesnt work that way.

  4. I agree with most of what you said, especially about the Ryan Church situation last year. The Mets just got unlucky dealing with a difficult injury to diagnose and a player who wanted to play no matter what. Cervelli had a couple of concussions the past year and the Yankee gave him a measly one week off this Spring after his second one in less than a year and nothing happened to him and no one accused the Yankees of any wrongdoing.

    But there is a distinction between playing injured and playing hurt. Nicks and bruises should be played through, but a muscle strain which can readily result in a pull or a tear is another issue. Its management’s job to make sure that a player is not putting himself in a position to make an injury worse. Its the player’s job to be honest about all symptoms he is experiencing so that management can make the right decision.

    They got lucky with Pagan’s oblique, and I understand why they tried again with Reyes. But it was pretty obvious on Friday night that he was too injured to play when he grimaced and stretched his side and right arm after diving back into second headfirst on a pick off play. They should have shut him down then and given him a couple of extra days of rest to get ready for San Francisco.

    And am I the only one who feels like a kid on christmas morning with Beltran’s imminent return?

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