7 thoughts on “Hey, remember Carlos Beltran?

  1. Didn’t we lose that game? How about his walkoff when Gary called it? Delgado’s 400th game… “Beltran can win this with one swing of the bat.”

    • Someone recently asked me what my favorite baseball game has been. I’ve been to some cool games like Piazza’s Padres return, and the Johan complete game in that last weekend of the season.
      But my favorite game will be that Beltran walkoff against the Cardinals in 2006. It was in August, Delgado hit 2 dingers, and of course the Beltran walk-off, Shea was rockin’!

  2. Here’s the question…Joe Smith walks off the mound, seemingly towards his own dugout, without even looking back to see the result of the ball put in play…is he assuming it was a HR? An out? That’s a HR anywhere else in baseball.

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