And also, don’t forget about the time Carlos Beltran did this

I couldn’t find the walk-off job off Madson discussed in the comments section below. It turns out only started getting Mets highlights in mid-June of 2006, which is exactly when I started working on the site. I figured it had been that way since Day 1. Anyway, in lieu of that, here’s this, from June 11, 2008:

And for kicks, a Twitter exchange with Mets fan @gregpomes (with a little help from Baseball Prospectus injury expert Will Carroll) that I decided not to let die:

OGTedBerg: Remember when Carlos Beltran did this?
: @OGTedBerg I remember Beltran looking at strike 3 in the 2006 NLCS.
OGTedBerg: @gregpomes Do you remember that they wouldn’t have been in the 2006 NLCS without Beltran?
gregpomes: @OGTedBerg when it was time for him to step up he didn’t. He just stood there. He’s a soft player.
OGTedBerg: @gregpomes You know he had three home runs in that series, right?
gregpomes: @OGTedBerg and when it mattered he struck out looking. He’s great at padding stats but he’s a choke artists when the game is on the line
OGTedBerg: @gregpomes The entire series mattered, as did the entire season. Striking out in one at-bat does not make a choke artist. Baseball is hard.
gregpomes: @OGTedBerg that at bat was the most important at bat in the series for them and he didn’t come through. #Mets
OGTedBerg: @gregpomes That much is true. Doesn’t make him soft.
gregpomes: @OGTedBerg what makes him soft is that he’s constantly hurt.
injuryexpert: @gregpomes @OGTedBerg I wonder how soft you’d be if your knees were grinding with every step.

20 thoughts on “And also, don’t forget about the time Carlos Beltran did this

  1. I’m no fascist. And each person has their own unique way of appreciating this game that we love.

    But Mets fans whose discussion of Beltran is framed by Game 7 are either unredeemable, clutch-humping morons or non-Mets fans.

  2. It’s a damn shame that so many supposed fans of the Mets will never appreciate Beltran. What an incredible player. So many other guys could have had a big hit that night in 2006. You’d also think people would now realize how insanely good Adam Wainwright is and go, “I get why Beltran struck out,” but that requires way too much thinking for that group of Mets fans.

    • I always crack jokes about “the” strikeout in 06 because it always drums up…he’s soft, Beltran isn’t clutch, etc etc etc

      Sadly, some Mets fans can’t get past the undeniable gut punch of that strikeout to see the bigger picture.

      Plus it brings always brings up the arguments about “clutch players,” which without a doubt makes my ears bleed.

  3. Well…I guess Beltran will just have to prove all of the haters wrong this October.

    Seriously though, I think there are too many fans who share the negative view of Beltran. Between them and the national media, I am afraid that if he isn’t able to come through in a similar situation to Game 7, then he will be remembered in NY as a “soft” “unclutch” player, not worth his contract, while the informed section of the fanbase knows that Carlos was just the opposite.

    I think an interesting player to bring up here is Mike Piazza. He didn’t “come through” in Game 5 – his ball died at the track, remember? He missed quite a bit of time himself, but everyone remembers his whole body of work.

    By the time the contract is done, both would have spent roughly 7 seasons in NY, and I think their stats will be fairly similar from a run production point of view.

    Piazza in 7 seasons hit 197 HR’s for the Mets, compared to 127 for Beltran through 4.5. If you extrapolate Beltran’s stats for 7 seasons, (lets say Beltran goes yard 25 times/year – a conservative estimate, than you can add another 62 HR’s, bringhing his total to 189), you get very similar production.

    Piazza also drove in 579 runs as a Met over 7 seasons. Beltran through 4.5 is at 466. Carlos has driven in 100 every full year save 2005, and he is very capable to do it again next year. Between 2010-11, he should match Piazza’s mark.

    Of course that discounts Mike’s greatest weakness, and one of Beltran’s major strengths – the glove. So yes, I am in fact saying that there is a good possibility that Carlos Beltran ends up a better Met than Mike Piazza. (may the attacks begin!)

    PS – I know I’m not using the best stats, and there may be some general asusmptions in my argument, but the whole point here was just to highlight how good Carlos is)

    • Good point, Ravi. WAR confirms your hypothesis. Over his 7 years as a member of the Mets, Piazza put up a total WAR of 25, for an average of 3.57 per year. Over Beltran’s first 5 years, he also has 25 WAR, for an average of 5 WAR per year.

      Most fans would never put Beltran in the same breath as Piazza because Beltran is “soft” and “not a gamer” and doesn’t have “grission.” The stats, on the other hand, say that Beltran is certainly at least Piazza’s equal.

  4. I fully understand why people have such animosity towards Beltran for the 06 strikeout. The entire game was a roller-coaster ride and it was the denouement to an rollicking season. The WS a just a swing away with the bases juiced and based on everything that I’d seen that season and that game, I will go to my grave thinking that the Baseball Gods wanted us to win that game. They were planning a CS win and a WS win. I mean, did you see that catch by Endy? Did you hear how freaking loud Shea was? All Beltran had to do was take the bat off his shoulder and the Gods would have guided it to the ball.

    Completely irrational? Yup, but I wholeheartedly believe it. In my opinion, these last three years and Beltran’s health problems have been penance for defying the Baseball Gods. I’d like to see YOU come up with a better reason for all this!

    • Not just irrational, insulting. If you want to disregard his production that got us to that game – in other words, no Beltran, very likely no game 7 to lose – there’s still no way to put the loss on him. He was one of the few Mets getting on base at all in that game, and he scored the only run. He was doing his part.

  5. If Beltran had gotten a hit in 2006, would these same fans now not want Wainwright on their team? Would they consider Wainwright unclutch today? Would the not want Wainwright on their team right now?

    • Also, that K looking is really a shame. Not just for the team, but for Beltran. If he isn’t the one that strikes out their, he probably goes down in Met’s lore as the legend he should. Unless he wins a championship with this team in the next few years, he probably won’t be remembered he as he should.

      • I think that’s what I was wearing. I’m a young guy, Hispanic, and was high-fiving random Met fans around me.

        Towards the end you see my head bobble and then I look back in confusement. Thing is, I was with Marlins fans and before that ball landed they were already on their way out.

  6. @GregPomes might be the dumbest sack of protoplasm ever to crawl on Twitter, in relation to the Mets. I imagine he’s severely retarded beyond baseball, but I couldn’t prove that in a court of law.

    He’s practically notorious for saying the most inane s*** imaginable, which makes him an UNWANTED poster boy for every d*****bag WFAN caller.

  7. I take comfort in the fact that I think Pomes’s view is more and more in the minority among Mets fans. Two or three years ago I think many of not most fans shared this opinion, and Beltran was viewed as a soft choke artist. But it seems to me that his sheer awesomeness became harder and harder to ignore. His Septmeber 08 success, especially when much of the rest of the team was (or was perceived to be) choking helped his reputation some, and aside from the few hardened haters, most fans appreciate what they have.

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