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SNY endured another massive Internet fail today, so apologies for the sudden halt in posts. I’m home now since we don’t have the Internet in the office, but I’m a bit backed up with work so I’ll make this quick:

If you go to see a band and you only know one song by that band, the band is going to play the song. There’s no need to keep yelling out the title over and over again every time the band pauses for a second. Just think about it: If you only know that one song, chances are it’s the band’s biggest hit, and so they’ll probably play it at or near the end of their show.

Frankly, if you only know one song by the band and you’re not really interested in hearing what else the band has to offer, you probably shouldn’t buy a ticket for the band’s concert in the first place. A CD costs less, and you can listen to that one song on repeat without subjecting yourself to anything else from the band’s catalog.

But now that you have the ticket and you’re inside the venue, just shut up and enjoy the show, confident that they’ll play your song eventually. I mean, if you were going to a Don McLean concert, would you just keep screaming “AMERICAN PIE!” until he played it? Probably, because you’re that type of jackass.

I’m going to go ahead and assume Don McLean plans on closing with American Pie regardless of how frequently you call out for it, and you’re certainly not going to get him to alter his setlist by demonstrating your lack of patience with the rest of his music.

I don’t know what Don McLean would play for an encore, or even if he’s still touring, but whatever. Just be quiet.

Also, no one’s going to want to watch your iPhone video of the concert because it’s not going to capture the show with anything like the appropriate audio quality, so you might as well just enjoy the music without trying to save some of it for later, especially since you’ve already made it clear that you’re not really interested in hearing anything but the one song you know anyway.

17 thoughts on “Something about concerts

  1. Can I add the following: Photographers should stop going to concerts. Maybe it is cool for you to have an expensive camera with multiple lenses. I don’t know.

    However, if you are at a concert with a big camera and you take pictures the whole time while blocking my view, expect to be kicked in the back of your knees and/or back the whole time. I don’t want to look at the pics on your photography blog.

  2. I’ve found that the older people get, the worse their concert behavior is. I’ve had some nice concerts ruined because some chatter boxes decided to talk through shows. Of course, that means that they have to speak loud to be heard above the amps.

    Granted, this was not a problem at the Kiss/Aerosmith show, where someone could be screaming in your hear and you still wouldn’t hear over the volume of “God of Thunder.”

    But when you see Bonnie Raitt or John Mellencamp, it can be an issue.

  3. Furthermore, if you’ve entered a concert venue with the express purpose of taking in one of the opening acts (most likely because one of the band members is a co-worker or a friend), try to show a little bit of courtesy and not spend the next 30 minutes yukking it up at the bad or, worse, leave the venue immediately after their set. The chances are that the next band to hit the stage is better than the one you came to see, and they deserve at least a few minutes of your attention before you decide to completely disregard them.

  4. And another thing–you should move to DC if you want quiet concert crowds. Everytime I go there for a show, the silly people there barely say a word. Only time I been SHUSH’ed was in DC.

    On the flip-side, Baltimore is great for concerts. People are a little nutty here, and I find concerts to be more fun as a result. No SHUSH-ing! It is not so much that people yell for one song over and over again–they yell and sing the whole time.

  5. People don’t seem to have the common sense to understand that their s**** mobile phone’s video camera, combined with their own inability to keep their hand still, doubled with no concept of frame composition, doesn’t make for a video that should EVER go up on YouTube.

  6. Dude, if they only like the one song they could even go the itunes/amazon route.

    Went to see Ray Lamontagne in Montclair a year or so ago and had the worlds two biggest jackasses sitting in row behind us. Talking, singing the hooks only at full volume, spilling beer on some lady…they didn’t ruin it but holy-tap-dancing-crist they tried.

    And can we all stop taking photos and videos throughout entire shows? Saw Cornell in Philly and had trouble seeing past the forest of shadowy arms holding up their glowing LCD screens. (ooo, I’m going to get a thousand views on YouTube for sure!)

    Yeah, so its a problem and I think we do bury our heads in the digital technology at the expense of appreciating the real moment. Totally agree.

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  7. I thought I had added this earlier, but apparently it didn’t load. My brother sent me this yesterday…great article about people who go to concerts and suck. I will never, ever get a smart phone because of the impersonal nature that the phones carry with them. Read the last bit on filming shows. Seriously…never getting a smart phone.

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