Awesome things from Wednesday’s game

I don’t even know how this game ends yet, but now that we’re 11 innings deep I can say for certain it has been an awesome one. I’m not leaving ’til it’s over, but I’ve got to wake up early tomorrow to get into the office to caddy for Bob Ojeda again so I’m not posting after it’s over, either. So here are some awesome things that have already happened:

1) Carlos Beltran’s homer: This gets top billing because it was such a wonderful thing to see, even if — at the time — it seemed like it was in vain. Towering shot down the left-field line. Don’t look now, but it seems as if Beltran may be starting to hit.

2) Ridiculous cavalcade of facial hair: After Jamie Garcia’s exit, Tony La Russa trotted out five straight relievers with prominent and varied facial-hair styles. Jason Motte, Mitchell Boggs and Trever Miller were all rocking thick, full beards, Dennys Reyes sported a clean goatee and Kyle McLellan showcased a particularly disgusting full-beard/goatee thing that extended down below the top of his jersey. And it should be noted that though Reyes’ goatee covers a smaller portion of his face than the beards of his teammates, he may actually have the greatest volume of facial hair. He just has a giant face.

3) Mike Hessman’s double: The legendary quadruple-A masher missed a home run by a few feet in his first at-bat. But the double was nonetheless impressive and began the Mets’ comeback after Johan Santana got beat up in the first.

4) Francoeur walks: On four pitches, no less. From my angle it was unclear if Jaime Garcia was anywhere near the plate, but still. Also, Francoeur’s 10-pitch battle with Motte in the eighth was impressive, even if it culminated in a lazy flyout to left.

5) Jose Reyes on base four times: And it looked like he was safe stealing second. Seems like he’s fully back from the oblique thing now.

6) Angel Pagan remains awesome: If it didn’t feel like a particular brand of nerdiness to nickname people after Simpsons references, I’d refer to Pagan as “Donuts;” there’s nothing he can’t do.

Less awesome: Santana’s performance, a bunch of sloppy fielding, a bit of crappy baserunning. But whatever. We’re here to celebrate (fingers crossed).

3 thoughts on “Awesome things from Wednesday’s game

  1. This game hurt. Although they’re starting to hurt less over my 24 years of life. It’s almost like, if someone punches you in the face twice a week for the entire span of your life, you’re going to get used to it after a while…and build up a tolerance to getting jacked in the face if you will. The Mets punch me in the face countless times every year. It would just be nice to duck out of the way once in a while, that’s all…but I guess that’s too much to ask.

  2. How much have I missed the sight of Carlos hitting his home runs – the way he casually flicks his bat aside. Not showy, just – all right, that’s taken care of.

  3. What was Jerry thinking leaving Feliciano in to face Pujols in the 13th? Feliciano should only face lefties. His splits dictate that. Leave in a pitcher who is bad against righties to face the best right handed hitter in the game? Check. Lose? Check.

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