Martino: Mets are too nice

This is what characterizes the Phillies of this era, and what separates them from the Mets:

Swagger. Arrogance. Condescension toward opponents…

The collective personalities of both clubs are clear, and in direct contrast with one another. Wounded by divisional collapses in 2007 and 2008, the Mets lack a cocky culture of winning. This weekend, they will field a team comparable in talent to the Phillies, and filled with people you might rather have dinner with. And, sadly for the Mets, that is part of their problem.

Andy Martino, N.Y. Daily News.


OK, first of all, a column about the Mets’ attitude that doesn’t mention Jeff Francoeur even once. That’s somehow notable.

The players Martino singles out? Well, Jesus Feliciano and Chris Carter, of course — because, you know, there’s not a single nice guy on the Phillies bench. Ross Gload? Massive a**hole. Wilson Valdez? Shanked Greg Dobbs in the clubhouse after he struck out twice earlier this week.

Potshots are also directed at “kindly giant” Mike Pelfrey and “pleasantly spacey” Jose Reyes.

Meanwhile, this part gets one line. One line:

While the roster is not the deepest, the Mets have never wanted for championship-level talent.

Emphasis mine.

And look: Maybe the Mets’ attitude is not a winning one. What do I know? Sure, everyone cited JUST THAT a month ago, back when the Mets were winning, but now that Carlos Beltran’s back it’s making the rest of the Mets too nice or something. Not Beltran himself — he’s too focused, too serious. But that’s different from wanting to win like the Phillies do.

8 thoughts on “Martino: Mets are too nice

  1. Last year when he was with the Mets, Wilson Valdez volunteered at soup kitchens in his spare time. Spent the All-Star Break doing a few days with Habitat For Humanity. Then Jimmy Rollins got his hands on Valdez and it was all downhill from there. Now he burns cars for fun.

  2. Thank you. I saw this idiocy this morning and knew that someone smart — you, someone at AA or wherever — would point out how ridiculous it is.

  3. I almost feel sorry for baseball and basketball beat writers in early August when the team is a) out of it (but the FO must pretend otherwise to justify continued employment), and b) has no discernible strategy for moving forward. As the late great Ralph Wiley used to say, the paper comes out everyday.

    Consider this kind of crap a byproduct of the situation the Mets are in. I will assume, for the sake of my faith in mankind, that Martino is better than this. He is simply a man with nothing to work with, but a looming deadline nonetheless.

    At least the generalists get to write about the Brett Favre saga that is becoming an August tradition unlike any other.

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