2 thoughts on “Best fast-food bacons

  1. They have Starbucks fourth on this list. I’m calling shenanigans. Starbucks food is not good.

    On a semi-related note, I ordered a wrap from a local restaurant for lunch today, and it allegedly contained chicken, bbq sauce, bacon, etc. The bacon, however, turned out to be bacon bits. Just a complete mockery of the concept of bacon as accompanying sandwich/wrap filling.

    • That’s so messed up.

      As for Starbucks, I actually like their food better than their coffee. I don’t think they sell ’em anymore, but they used to have bacon/cheese/avocado/egg wraps for like $2.95 that were actually quite good, considering the price.

      But then I stopped going to Starbucks entirely when I stopped taking the subway to work and so stopped having to walk past one every morning.

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