Bowie to Bowie

I’m off to Citi Field, where there’ll be a whole lot of nonsense we didn’t expect when we set up the Jason Giambi and Melvin Mora interviews. I’ll be back on from the press box, but in the meantime enjoy this Flight of the Conchords video. Before I saw this I had honestly never considered how silly it is that both parts of Space Oddity are Bowie.

3 thoughts on “Bowie to Bowie

  1. Ted, FOTC are the funniest group going. I like most of their stuff. Carol Brown is my favorite, followed by I got hurt feelings. I hope there is a season 3. Really? Isla bonita huh? whatever, Takahashi had no reason to come out of that game last night, not for Acosta anyway. Tell, Acosta if you see him to stop hanging out with Perez in the bullpen because he’s starting to suck. The End.

  2. Ted, Here is a list of songs and videos you and your fans should check out from Flight of the Conchords. Not in best to worst order, just check them out if you haven’t already.

    I got hurt feelings
    Hiphopopatamus vs. Rymenoceros
    Too many D**** on the dance floor
    If that’s what your into
    Carol Brown (mentioned in my first post)
    for the lord of the ring fans, Fodo don’t wear that ring.
    I’m in love with sexy lady, It’s like that awful R. Kelly and usher song that came out a few years ago, but this is way funnier.
    and finally an appropriate song for all us Mets fan. I’m not Crying. The End.

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