The Mets lineup tonight


SS – Jose Reyes
LF – Angel Pagan
3B – David Wright
CF – Carlos Beltran
RF – Jeff Francoeur
1B – Mike Hessman
C – Henry Blanco
2B – Luis Castillo
P – Jon Niese

OK, look: I know the Mets are facing a lefty. And I know Ike Davis, Josh Thole and Fernando Martinez don’t hit lefties well. But you want them to someday, right? I mean, that’s the idea, I think.

Resting Thole is fine because he started the last couple of days and he’s a catcher. He should play like a starting catcher from here on out — not strictly like the left-handed part of the platoon — even with Rod Barajas’ impending return. Not only should the Mets want to audition Thole for the full-time job in 2011, but it’s becoming pretty clear he’s their best option for the role anyway.

Resting Davis, Martinez and Ruben Tejada makes almost no sense. The only possibility that would make it excusable is if Davis is hurting and no one’s saying anything. Otherwise, it’s awful. Ike Davis is supposed to be a huge cog in the Mets’ future. And now you’re platooning him with Mike Hessman? What? I like Hessman as much as the next day, but you’ve got to give Ike chances to learn against lefties, especially in what’s looking like a lost season.

And if Martinez and Tejada are going to be here, they should be playing. Neither is really ready to be in the big leagues. You can’t rush players up to sit on the bench. That’s terrible.

What this looks like — and I have no inside information whatsoever, this is just guesswork — is Jerry Manuel making a last ditch effort to hold onto his job, to hell with the front-office’s effort at a youth movement. Because yeah, against lefties it’s possible Hessman, Francoeur, Castillo and Blanco actually do give the Mets a better chance at winning. It just doesn’t help them win anything in 2011.

So my completely uninformed guess would be that Manuel’s thinking he can’t get canned if the team is winning, so he’s trying everything he can do to eek out some wins. But you’d think the front office could pretty easily take care of that problem by either instructing him to play the rookies, assuring him that his job is safe, or firing him and getting it over with.

10 thoughts on “The Mets lineup tonight

  1. The 3 options: ” instructing him to play the rookies, assuring him that his job is safe, or firing him and getting it over with”

    I would assume one of these options would be comming soon, they have to be, even Omar isnt going to let his prized prospects sit idle for very long.

    I would also add a 4th solution, which I’ve been advocating for weeks, just cut Frnechy and Castillo already. Dont even give Jerry the option of going back to these slugs.

    • i cant even watch the mets anymore as long as this douche bag is managing the team. i hate jerry maneul he is a joke and shouldve been fired months ago. his laughing after every loss is sickening. the way he keeps on putting these losers like castillo and francouer out there is disgusting. they havent done anything for this team ever so why is he giving them repsect and playing them. i dont care if tejada is barely hitting .200 or f-mart isnt ready. quite frankly he plays a hell ofa lot better than francouer. i understand thole not playing but you gotta show confsidence in him by putting him back out there. same with ike, but im ok with hessman. i am not ok with castillo or francouer though just because they cry about being benched. they need to fire manuel now. he is going to destroy these young players confidence by dicking them around like this.

      • Well I tried to think of something, but I couldnt come up with any way at all to disagree with anything you said.

        I’ll add to it though, how I love Jerrys method of ‘protecting’ a kid like Fmart. Shield him from the lefties early on, but in dooing so, he started him 4 times last week, 3 of which were against Roy Halladay or Ubaldo Jiminez. Way to give the kid a chance JErry.

  2. Jerry Manuel earlier today: “We still consider ourselves in a pennant race, so we have to play so who have to play who we think is best that day.” The man is delusional.

  3. Our team is 6 games better than we were last season. If we lose series in Hou and Pit then we might end up a record WORSE than 09.

    keep Jerry until the very last minute, a good draft pick might depend on it.

    In the offseason, strip the team to the bones and start again including a new Gm (Kevin Towers is my pick) new manager who is a technically gifted individual (would have loved Buck Showalter) and new ownership. I know this is probably not possible but I can dream

  4. It just seems like another symptom of an organization with no plan. Are they trying to stay in the race? Are they trying to see what the young players have for next year? Is Jerry trying to get fired or does he actually think playing Mike Hessman helps his chances? It’s pretty scary when we get to a point where we can’t even try to speculate on what Jerry and Omar are actually thinking.

  5. The Astros left a prospect in to face a lefty killer, because they know he’s going to have to hit lefties eventually.

    in other words, tonight we were officially outsmarted by the astros.

    even when we win, we somehow lose.

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