The greatest moment in TedQuarters history

I missed Hard Knocks last night — I was TiVoing it in favor of the Mets game — but I’m told that Mark Sanchez was wearing a Taco Bell hat during one scene in a team meeting.

This, the intersection of Taco Bell and Mark Sanchez, is obviously the greatest moment in TedQuarters history. If someone can send me a screengrab or something, that would be tremendous. Until then, I’m just going to assume it looked like this:

Based on a Google Image search, that is by far the most common type of Taco Bell hat so I’m just going to go ahead and figure it’s the one Mark Sanchez was wearing. Also, if anyone has this or any other type of Taco Bell hat, please email me and we can negotiate a price.

And furthermore, one of the other Google Image returns for “Taco Bell Hat” is this photo, one of the more conflicting and terrifying images I’ve ever seen.

2 thoughts on “The greatest moment in TedQuarters history

  1. The greatest hour of TV ever last night.

    (Spoiler alert:) Sanchez rocking Taco Bell gear, working out with Shakeweights, Cromartie trying to remember his kids’ names.

    By the way, the idea that Cromartie is “settling down” by marrying a BET reality show star with whom he has a child named Jerzie is amazing.

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