Scott Misch vs. the Bieber

Excellent photoshopping from commenter/Colt .45 spokesperson BillyDeeWilliams. I haven’t seen the movie in question yet — it’s behind The Expendables and The Other Guys on my list and it seems like the most rentable of the three. 

11 thoughts on “Scott Misch vs. the Bieber

  1. Well, unless maybe if you are some sort of super-duper-nerd.

    I classify myself as somewhat nerdy, and I found it extremely boring. You’d have to be nerdy on another level to like it.

  2. I say this as somebody who owns “Anchorman” and “Talladega Nights” and can appreciate “Step Brothers” while relatively sober.

    You can skip “The Other Guys” in the theaters. Hell, you can just skip it, and you won’t miss it at all, really.

  3. I’m in the same boat as Benny Blanco. Thought Scott Pilgrim was amazing. And it actually was well received critically… so you should definitely check it out.

  4. Having seen the other two, I really enjoyed both. They were both incredibly stupid, but good for some laughs and some AWESOME kills, respectively. Scott Pilgrim looks heinous. I can’t stand anything Cera has done, post-Arrested Development.

  5. Scott Pilgrim was hell of fun in the theater. Probably something that translates better on the big screen, to be honest, with so much going on in every scene. Plus, Edgar Wright is teh awesome.

    My current list to see in theaters includes Expendables and Inception (haven’t seen it yet). Other Guys looks like a TNT comedy and doesn’t make the cut for me. I can wait for it on Netflix. Scott Pilgrim was definitely worth seeing large.

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