Wrigley wakes up

Walking up Wrigley Field’s concrete ramps to the press box this morning, I caught the inimitable smell of hot cotton candy. I turned a corner and spotted the vendors, at the machine, forming the confection. Around and around, again and again. Sweet and colorful, but nutritionally devoid and questionably palatable.

The Cubs haven’t won a World Series in over 100 years. It seems like every offseason they go about building their team the entirely wrong way. Buy high, sell low. Reward veterans for one good campaign. The whole thing. Around and around, again and again.

And yet the fans keep showing up. Some reporter doing a radio interview on the phone behind me just said that a crowd of 35,000 is a bad day for Wrigley. Seems accurate. Seems like none of them ever boo, either.

It’s weird.

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