Gag order will not prevent Daily News’ from sexy, druggy coverage of Clemens trial

Like a loose manhole cover above a steamy city sewer, there may be a weak spot in the gag order a federal judge applied in the government’s prosecution of Roger Clemens, who pleaded not guilty last week to charges he lied to Congress in 2008.

A gusher of sex and drugs stories about the famed pitcher could erupt from a civil lawsuit filed by his former trainer, Brian McNamee, in the Brooklyn courtroom of U.S. District Court Judge Sterling Johnson, starting Wednesday.

Teri Thompson and Nathaniel Vinton, N.Y. Daily News.

So no actual juicy news here, but let’s recap: “Loose,” “steamy,” “gag,” “gusher,” “sex,” “drugs,” “erupt,” and, of course, “manhole.”

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