Behold: The Pizza Hacker

Huge hat tip to Brendan Bilko for pointing me to this link yielding a ton of awesome information.

First of all, there’s a blog about pizza called “Me, Myself and Pie” by a guy who is working on a feature-length documentary about pizza. That alone is great news for everybody. Because who doesn’t like pizza?

Second, it brings word of the Pizza Hacker, a San Francisco based unlicensed street vendor who modified a standard Weber grill to turn it into an outdoor wood-burning pizza oven, which is one of the most awesome things I’ve ever heard.

I’m insanely envious of people who can build things. I come from a long line of people who make real, substantive stuff. My grandfather was an engineer and inventor with dozens of patents. My dad designs buildings and sometimes paints pictures of Vin Diesel and Usher riding into battle on a chariot pulled by white tigers. My late brother made robots. I write about sandwiches. It’s downright humiliating when I think about it, but I never had the patience for the type of precision that manner of work required.

Anyway, that’s my issue, not yours. The pizza hacker’s Twitter says he’s in Ohio right now, but I will attempt to dispatch the good folks at the TedQuarters San Francisco desk for a report once he returns to the Bay Area.

Also, apropos of nothing besides interesting street-vendor fellows, does anyone remember the dude who used to set up outside of CBGB’s with all the fresh produce? A quick Googling tells me the cart was called “From Atlantis with Love,” and he made some unbelievable burritos/wraps/gyros/various street-meat sandwiches.

Anyone know if that guy is still somewhere in the city? I tend to doubt he stayed around that corner now that the venue closed down. I feel like I may have asked this of readers before but since I can’t remember eating one of those burritos in the past year, I don’t think I’ve gotten a satisfying answer, so the search continues.

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