OMG Mark Sanchez!

Dawn Kotowski’s title is general manager of a Taco Bell, but last month she orchestrated one of the summer’s most successful bang-for-the-buck athlete endorsement campaigns.

Her restaurant is just a few minutes from the SUNY-Cortland campus in upstate New York where the Jets held training camp. Jets second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez frequently visited the restaurant for a chicken taco and chicken burrito, hold the tomatoes. Sanchez developed his fondness for Taco Bell growing up in Mission Viejo, Calif., minutes from the company’s headquarters.

David Broughton, Sports Business Journal.

Oh, Mark Sanchez, you magnificent bastard, what will you do next? Not only did he “frequently visit” the restaurant, but he also eschews the tomatoes at Taco Bell — just like I do!

Nevermind that Sanchez favors chicken items and I’m a ground-beef guy.

The SBJ article goes on to detail how Kotowski provided Sanchez the much-discussed Taco Bell hat seen on Hard Knocks hoping for just such exposure, racking up an estimated $68,000 worth of advertising for Taco Bell, and how she was recognized by the company for “thinking outside the bun.”

OMG OMG OMG OMG Mark Sanchez!

Also, the big takeaway here is that all you need to do to get a free Taco Bell hat is be a talented, handsome professional quarterback playing for the team being showcased on Hard Knocks. So I guess I’ll have to get to work on that.

Taco Bell hat! Mark Sanchez!

Massive hat tip to Mike Rudner for the link.

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