7 thoughts on “Yup, sounds just like an uninterested, selfish player who doesn’t hustle and is only doing it for the money

  1. I will not be surprised if Carlos Beltran has his best season in 2011. He seems like he’s playing to prove all of his naysayers wrong.

  2. I haven’t been following as closely as I usually do, so what are your thoughts on Mets trading him? I love him too (admittedly not as much as you do), but I really don’t see the Mets doing enough in 2011 to justify keeping him on the roster; in other words, why not trade him for prospects, if there are any to be had?

    • I don’t think anyone’s giving up any prospects of any repute for Beltran at $18.5 million. I think any deal for Beltran starts with the Mets picking up a huge portion of that contract, at which point I figure they might as well just keep him, convince him to play right field, and let him hit a bunch of home runs.

      If his play this month ups his stock, though, then I’d at least consider it. I don’t see the point in trading him just to be rid of him like he’s Gary Matthews Jr., though, since he seems like a reasonable bet to have a good season in 2011.

  3. It’s just so hard to talk about these generalities. Wether or not to trade anyone all depends on what you can get in return. Carlos Beltran certainly isn’t the type of talent you just pay to get rid of, as Ted mentioned.

  4. Agreed, but the question isn’t whether we should conjecture what is available, it is whether you listen to offers and actively try to move him even if a) you pay most, if not all, of the salary and b)we get some sort of return that brings about financial flexibility and an entirely new base for the franchise in the coming 3-7 years.

    A move could be worthwhile if one buys into the “philosphical change” argument.

  5. Why do you think Utley is such a little b****? He is, as my Carlos says, too good for that s***, and yet the two things everyone knows about Utley are that he’s fantastically good at baseball, and he plays like a little b****. Have some dignity, man.

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