Some Mets GM stuff

On The Happy Recap radio show last night, we talked a little about the known candidates for the Mets’ GM job and which one I’d choose if I were in position to make that decision. I waffled and hedged like I always do, and stuck to my stance that I really have no idea. But I said something about personality that doesn’t jive with anything I normally write here, so I think I should probably clarify:

I don’t know any of the men interviewing to run the Mets, but I would like to know that whoever gets hired is confident enough to ignore the inevitable onslaught of nonsense he or she will face at some point in the near future.

It has always seemed as if the Mets are run by people conscious of public perception. Omar Minaya, as I mentioned on the show, talked about how he heard from Mets fans about addressing the bullpen whenever he went to get bagels in the winter of 2008.

That’s just a quote, a joke Minaya made to make the J.J. Putz acquisition seem like a no-brainer.

But it would be nice if the Mets could find a general manager cocky enough to turn to the guy on the bagel line — or the guy on the radio, or the guy writing for the newspaper, or the guy who owns the team — and say, “Bro, I appreciate the feedback, but I know a hell of a lot about how to build a baseball team, and I’ve got things under control.”

In other words, while I think the bluster about the particulars of the New York market is normally little more than the New York media overemphasizing the impact of the New York media, in this one instance I think it’s important the Mets hire someone they feel can withstand the pressure to compete immediately, shoulder the comparisons to the winning team across town, and exercise the requisite patience to turn the Mets into a successful, sustainable franchise.

Does that mean anything at all? I don’t know. Theoretically all of the candidates have reached the top of their profession, and that type of climbing usually requires a good deal of confidence.

The Mets have a nice crop of halfway decent young players and, in the right hands, I suspect it won’t be as hard as many think to turn the club around. But it’s going to take some time, and in the interim there are going to be a whole lot of airwaves and newspapers and blogs to fill, and so every move the new GM makes and doesn’t make is going to meet with a hell of a lot of criticism.

And so, basically, the Mets need to hire someone who won’t care.

3 thoughts on “Some Mets GM stuff

  1. I personally am leaning towards the preference for a more senior, established type guy like Alderson, for reasons kind of along your lines here.

    I think it would benefit them to have someone with a proven track record, but not only to handle the media, but to just be comforatbel in what they are doing.

    A young up and commer like Hahn or Byrnes, takin the Mets job is basically thier shot at making a career for themselves as a GM. Much as it was for Omar Minaya. There will likely be alot of pressure for them to really endear themselves and turn it around, like put thier stamp on the team.

    I think a more established guy, like Alderson (just for example) is already established, and doesnt need to put him stamp on it to build his reputation, he already has that, and can now just go about his business.

    • The potential downside to the more established guy who doesn’t need to build his reputation is that he cruises in 2nd gear resting on his laurels, half-assing his way through another half-decade of Mets mediocrity.

      Now given that Alderson specifically is a Marine I hope it’s not very likely that this would be the case with him but I worry in general about the older established guy coming in for his last hurrah and just not giving it his all, but instead just cashing another big check comfortable with his past accomplishments.

      • That true but I just dont think these guys are like that. I mean to get to the point where these guys are in the first place, they have to have a feirce drive and competativeness about them, so I would think that a guy like Alderson, who doesnt need just another paycheck, wouldnt bother taking a job if they werent going to give it 100%.

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