O.G. Ichabod Crane

Did you know that the real-life Ichabod Crane was not a skinny Tarrytown schoolteacher but a stout, Staten Island military man? Washington Irving apparently thought he had a cool name, which makes sense, because he did. Lots of headless-horseman love up in Westchester this time of year. Hat tip to Jonah Keri for the link.

1 thought on “O.G. Ichabod Crane

  1. Nice! I grew up there! Sleepy Hollow, not Staten Island. I’ve never been to Staten Island, but someone once told me it’s the Boston of New York.

    I used to drive home from school along Rte 9, across the bridge and past the Old Dutch Church (both of which are still there, though the bridge is paved now).

    Also, the Disney movie of it is awesome.

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