On the downside, it kind of sounds like “booger”

I have another managerial candidate for you: Tim Bogar. Here are his records from ’04-’07 in his four years as a Minor League manager; 41-26, 82-57, 87-55, 80-62. Finished first every season and was manger of the year three times. And that is the Astros and the Indians affiliates so not like he was managing all stars. Throw in the fact that he spent the last two years on the Red Sox staff and started his playing career as a Met and you got a candidate, no?

Paul, via email.

Well there’s an interesting name. I liked Bogar when he was with the Mets, and I remember watching when he went 4-for-5 with two doubles and two home runs, the second of which was an inside-the-parker on which he injured his wrist, ending his season. I’ve always found it a little funny that Bogar probably would have been more lauded for that performance had he stopped at first on one of the doubles and stopped at third on the final home run, and would have reaped the added benefit of remaining uninjured to continue his rookie campaign.

Bogar interviewed for the Blue Jays’ manager position but is reportedly no longer a candidate for the job in Toronto. Like Paul wrote, he had a lot of success in the Minors. He earned league manager-of-the-year nods in three of his four seasons and was named the Eastern League’s “Best Manager Prospect” by Baseball America in 2006.

Bogar joined the Rays in 2008 in an interesting role: He served both as a coach and as a liaison between the scouting department and the club. He became Boston’s first-base coach before the 2009 campaign.

Obviously the next GM is the more pressing and more important hire, and I don’t know much about Bogar’s demeanor. But he seems to have a plenty lengthy resume, the existing Met connection and ties to a couple of well-run teams. So I think a good call by Paul.

3 thoughts on “On the downside, it kind of sounds like “booger”

  1. Agree that Bogar could be someone we haven’t heard about that the Mets end up looking at. The new GM may not be enamored with the idea of Wally Backman as a manager. Bogar seems to have about as good qualifications as any would-be rookie manager: success in the minors plus major league coaching.

    With a new GM, the fact that he hasn’t been working in the Mets organization could be a plus.

  2. I like it. If a guy like Alderson becomes GM, Bogar’s experience working closely with the front office could be invaluable. An Alderson-Bogar duo could be just as strong as Epstein-Francona.

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