Video shows umpires have been wrong for decades

Larry Granillo at wezen-ball has been beating the same drum I have about umpiring this season. He writes: “I feel like a broken record whenever I say that today’s umpiring is no
worse than yesterday’s (and is, perhaps, better), but I can’t help
myself. It’s just that, with today’s media and today’s technology, you
can’t get away from your mistakes.”

1 thought on “Video shows umpires have been wrong for decades

  1. I agree 100%, and because of this I think MLB has to allow some form of limited replay into the game. Its just not fair to the umpires if they dont. Everyone, even the people in the stands get to see what the correct call is while the people who matter dont?

    I dont see why an NFL style, one challenge per game type thing cant work. And streamline it, dont even have the on field umps look at it, have a central office of replay officials like the NHL. With modern tech, they could send for a replay and have an answer back in less than a minute.

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