I’m taking the day off work and heading out of town, and in all the excitement about Sandy Alderson I neglected to line up anyone for guest posts.

So in lieu of that, I’m going to roll out some past posts that I liked or you seemed to like or people told me they liked. Reruns, if you will.

I realize this is a particularly narcissistic thing to do, but hey, the site’s called TedQuarters. Fueled by narcissism.

Also, I hate to grovel, but if you want to use this opportunity to tell your friends, loved ones, and everyone you meet about this site, that’d be cool.

Obviously I appreciate all the readers that make their way here now, but the more traffic I get, the more opportunities I’ll have to do stuff to benefit this site. And considering the narcissism and everything, I’m a pretty terrible self-promoter. So if you want to help out with that, you know, sweet.

In either case, enjoy some posts you may have missed from the first year of TedQuarters. Sandwich of the Week will come as scheduled tomorrow and I’ll be back on Monday.

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