16 thoughts on “ESPN chat turns ominous

  1. A few thoughts:

    1. Backman is The Gimp.
    2. Backman is Ray Finkel.
    3. Backman is my alter-ego and regularly accuses the Wilpons of producing corporate shills for their network

  2. I think Rubon does a good job reporting, but ever since the “lobby” debacle its hard to take what he says seriously all the time.

    It could just be me having a skewd perception because of those incidents, but something is just off.

    He kind of just comes off as smug, like sort of negative on the Mets. There is plenty to be negative about for sure, but its his toneof doing it that seems to leave a little to be desired. And when people question him on it he, he’ll point to something positive he wrote elsewhere and be all like no, I wrote something positive last week,

    I think after that disaster he should have been removed from the Mets beat. If you read todays chat even, he admits that the beat writters are influenced by people who treat them well (surprise he mentions frenchy) and that those who treat them poorly. I mean if thats the case, how can he not hold some resentment toward the Mets front office after that Omar/Bernazard nonsense.

    • I generally like Rubin and prefer him to just about every other Mets beat writer (except McCullough), but he did seem especially smug in this chat.

      Maybe he’s bitter he’s no longer smarter than the Mets GM.

      And by the way, this kind of blind item that Rubin drops is exactly the sort of thing that traditional journalists flip out about when they’re written by guys on the web.

      • There was that one, and then his other quip about “someone from San Diego” that doesnt like Alderson. Now I’m not doubting that there are people out there who might not like Alderson, but thats another one right along the lines of what you are saying.

        Who is Rubin talking about? Is it a front office person? A player? Maybe just one of his beat writter friends? How can you throw that out there with so little context?

      • My favorite was when he mentioned the Laroche-Ike Davis comps and got hissy, saying “A broadcaster who’s a former MLB player gave me that comparison.”

        Oh, well, if someone like Tim McCarver says it’s so…

      • Yea I liked that one too. Like all of a sudden Rubin has no opinion, and the word of an ex player is the end all of talent evaluation.

    • Yeah, he really should have. He said himself at the time that he didn’t know how he could continue to cover the Mets after what happened, didn’t he?

  3. I dropped following the beat guys for Matt and Ted on MB.com and TQs. Its an RSS feed of Mets news with just the right amount of speculation and opinion in order to maximize entertainment value.

    Plus you get the extras.

    Rubins sandwich of the week would always be boars head turkey on dry wheat with no cheese and extra vinegar. I can only assume thats how you get an attitude like his, eating this three times a day for all eternity.

    • My favorite beat writter was Bart Hubboch from the post. Unfortunatley after last year he moved over to covering the NFL.

      He always seemed to just report what he knew, good or bad, gave his opinion but never seemed to come off like he thought he knew more than anyone else.

  4. I hate when sportswriters hint at stuff like this, but it’s almost worth it this time just to see all the Backman backers going apoplectic over it on Metsblog.

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