A White Castle Hall of Famer

I will never be President; I will never be a football player. But I am a White Castle Hall of Famer.

Victor Gradowski, White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame inductee

OK, there’s really so much here. First off, who knew White Castle even had a Hall of Fame? Apparently the ceremonies will be at White Castle’s home office in Columbus, Ohio — the fast-food equivalent of Mecca — and there are 67 White Castle enthusiasts enshrined in the Cravers Hall of Fame.

Second, why the hell isn’t my dad in the White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame? The Daily News article says Gradowski earned the honor for eating five cheeseburgers a week for four years. That’s what, a thousand White Castle cheeseburgers?

My dad has been eating White Castle for like 50 years; I’d venture to guess he has at least quadrupled Gradowski’s total. Dude has an iron stomach. Next year I’m nominating Don Berg for the White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame.

I certainly get The Crave sometimes, and when White Castle was my nearest fast-food place in Brooklyn I went there with some frequency, but I’d hardly say I qualify for the Hall of Fame. Taco Bell, though, is a different story. Does Taco Bell have a Hall of Fame?

5 thoughts on “A White Castle Hall of Famer

  1. White Castle is a great place. It was our destination of choice after hitting the bars in college and coupled with the drinking, most likley will shave about 5-7 years off expected life span when all is said and done, but no regrets. A sack of 10 and some chicken go down so easily after 15 beers.

    In my town in NJ, we used to have a Taco Bell, and it was a sad day when for whatever reason it was closed. But fortunes changed when the renovations to the building started shortly after and you could see that it was a white castle taking shape to replace it.

    I dont go there, or taco bell all that often anymore as I’m almost 30 now, and can no longer eat anything I want. My body no longer allows it in terms of weight gain and overall comfort for that evening and often the following day. But its just nice to know its there, like a special treat no and then.

  2. Wow. I come back from having White Castle for lunch to find that Ted has posted about White Castle and sandwiches. What a coincidence.

    As far as the crave goes, I’ve got to agree with Chris M (who I think could live near the Castle I go to) that White Castle is best had every eon or so. For example, I’m pretty sure I won’t be heading back to the Castle for another 6 months or so.

    The only other worry I have about White Castle, is that while it was delicious, my meal today left me thinking about how it wasn’t Five Guys (which I had for the first time back in August). I feel Five Guys has indoctrinated me to its claims of fast food hamburger supremacy.

    • I feel like it’s hard to compare Five Guys with White Castle because they’re entirely different things. It’s like comparing Chipotle to Taco Bell, but moreso.

      • I agree, I was going to say that other Chris’s first mistake was comparing Castle to Five Guys. Well I would even argue that the real mistake happened even before in originally classifying white castle as a burger. And without giving too much personal info, is your white castle in northwest NJ?

        To me its like its own thing, without much comparison really. And wi

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