Floyd Landis fires another salvo in battle for title of ‘World’s Most Detestable Athlete’

Floyd Landis’ team manager says it is “ridiculous” to think the American cyclist will face trial in France for hacking into a doping laboratory’s computers.

Landis, who was stripped of the 2006 Tour de France title for doping, is riding for the Orca Velo Merino team in the six-day Tour of Southland in New Zealand.

Team manager Wayne Hudson on Wednesday dismissed as “old news” reports that Landis and coach Arnie Baker might be tried in France for hacking the computer system of the Chatenay-Malabry lab, saying the American cyclist was “not losing any sleep” over it.

Associated Press

Y’all know I don’t like to idly speculate, but guess what? Floyd Landis put someone up to hacking into the blood lab’s computers and stealing documents. I can practically guarantee it, because Floyd Landis is one of the sports world’s foremost liars.

If you were never forced to edit endless cycling stories for your last job, you might not know that Landis won the Tour de France in 2006 before blood tests revealed unnaturally high levels of testosterone. Landis first claimed it was because he was out drinking the night before the test, then tried to argue that he’s just more masculine than most men and so produces twice as much testosterone.

Landis reportedly told cycling legend Greg Lemond about his doping regimen, in a series of conversations in which Lemond told Landis that he had been sexually abused as a child.

When Lemond was called to testify against Landis, Landis’ business manager called Lemond from a listed number pretending to be his abusive uncle and threatened to tell the world about “how we used to hide your weenie.”

The thing is, I could hardly care less about international cycling and I’m not one for sanctimony over doping, but Landis would seem a whole lot more sympathetic if he just came out and said, “yup, I did it. Just like every other person who has cycled competitively in the last 15 years.”

Because if you were never forced to follow cycling for your last job, you might not know that professional cyclists enhance their performance to lengths that would make Jose Canseco blush, and that doping in the sport is so pervasive that it’s more or less impossible to succeed without doing so.

3 thoughts on “Floyd Landis fires another salvo in battle for title of ‘World’s Most Detestable Athlete’

  1. I agree here, I dont follow cycling outside of the what is said on ESPN or the occasional headline, but this Landis guy is too much.

    Like you said, I dont even blame these guys for doing what they do half the time, but theres nothing worse than a guy who after getting caught, just tries to bring everyone else down too.

  2. Completely agree. But Landis has recently done quite a lot for the anti-doping movement in cycling. Whatever his reasons are (be it he’s all of a sudden genuinely concerned about the sport or he’s fed up with other former dopers like Basso and Vinokourov racing and winning at the highest level whilst he can’t get on a pro team) his recent decision to provide information about doping practises has apparently been invaluable to those trying to find scientific ways (better tests etc) to cut it out of the sport.
    I think there’s people in pro-cycling who have done, and still do, a lot worse things than Landis and continue to get away with it. In some respects Landis was just part of the system and when the system rejected him he was all of a sudden a not-super-intelligent guy left on the outside who didn’t know what to do.
    For what it’s worth he has apologised to LeMond and Gregg publicly backed Landis’ recent anti-doping stance.

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