10 thoughts on “Well here’s the strangest thing you’ll see today

  1. I figured Jason Alexander made enough money off of Seinfeld to turn down Jenny Craig ads and a part in the strangest amalgam of non-celebrities ever. I guess I figured wrong.

    • Seinfeld and Larry David were geniuses. They kept all the syndication money for themselves. The other actors got nothing other than their paychecks. The only time they got anything beyond that was when it came time to release the DVDs

      • Man, if that’s the case, Seinfeld did it right. He gets a collection of vintage Porsches while Jason Alexander gets an accompanying role in Shallow Hal.

  2. If you’re talking about wondering if someone in this video deserves a close-up with their name in graphics, I’m putting everything on the guy who played the young Forrest Gump. I really want to know how this happened. When making a list of people you’d like to involve, how far down the list is he???

  3. It’s a viral thing for a Swedish (or somewhere Scandinavian and specializing in nostalgic depression) show that does VH1-style “Where are they now” interviews. Mostly with American cultural exports from the 70s-90s.

  4. So many one liners… so little time.

    Gotta point out Carlton got a little solo in there; he didn’t get the graphic but for most of the last 2 minutes you dont anyones actual voices.

    Except for Milli Vanilli, but I think his was taped in advance.

    This video is tremendous.

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