Just stop listening

I hoped to avoid the issue altogether but I’ve gotten a few emails about it so here goes: Apparently Mike Francesa is ripping the Mets on his radio show, raving about how they need to make a big splash this offseason or whatever, yelling about the whole ridiculous “small-market Sandy” thing.

This naturally irritates many rational Mets fans, since rational Mets fans know that for a variety of reasons none of the available big splashes seems to make a lot of sense for a team with a massive payroll that’s looking to become a sustainable winner. I could try to figure out Francesa’s motivation in ripping the Mets, work to decipher whether there’s some sort of grudge at play or if it has something to do with his medium or if he really just doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but really, who cares?

If you are bothered by what Mike Francesa has to say, I have an amazing solution: Stop listening to Mike Francesa.

I did it myself a few years ago; it’s great. Life is complicated enough on its own, we don’t need to opt in to situations we find stressful.

I happen to think his show is massively entertaining, which is why I listened to it with some frequency for a time and probably why so many people still pay attention even as it frustrates them. But at some point I found it difficult to rationalize the fact that someone working with all the same information I had could come to such massively different conclusions. And I realized I always had the option to listen to James Brown instead.

17 thoughts on “Just stop listening

  1. Yep. The very last thing the Mets need to do is make a splash. They need to free up money, develop their young players, and improve their farm system, so that they can implement a long-term plan which will permit them to utilize their financial resources in a manner in which they will be able to become perennial contenders like the RedSox.

    They are not a desperate team like the Nationals which needs to make a splash in order to engender interest and develop a fanbase. The Mets are a lucrative franchise with a large and loyal fan base. They just need to win.

    It’s hardly a coincidence, I suspect, that Francesca can always think big picture when discussing the Yanks, but always challenges the Mets to do stupid and short-sighted things. Francesca hates the Mets, and he improves his ratings by fomenting anger among their fans. Francesca is no fool.

  2. The fact that the Mets “fandom” community is discussing it and possibly motivating someone to call in, makes him a winner.
    I never listened to him but I never understood why some would do it consistently.
    MLB has alot of options for keeping the day flowing at work.

  3. Well said.

    BTW, when I’m stressed out, I like to listen to Live at the Copa by Sam Cooke. Amazing album. The first few times that you listen to it, it sounds dated. Then it grows on you.

    • ‘Live at the Harlem Square Club’ (from ’63) is amazing, too. Its got probably the best recording of ‘Bring it on Home’ I’ve ever heard.

      I don’t even think either are dated. I’m 27, listen to all sorts of weird stuff, and loves me some Sam.

      • I’ll third the “nothing dated about Sam Cooke” motion. Also, ‘Live at the Harlem Square Club’ is a top flight fantastic album. If you’re into that, you should check out Otis Redding’s “In Person at the Whisky A Go-Go” if you havent already. Although also check out what Otis did at the Monteray International Pop Festival, getting an unfamiliar hippie audience to roll over, go crazy & eat out of his hand.

        It should go without saying recommendation: James Brown, Live at the Appolo (1962 or 1967 you ask? I say “yes”).

      • I love Sam Cooke too and the opening ten minutes or so of the movie ‘Ali’ are incredible. It’s all set to ‘Bring it on Home.’ Movie is just alright but the opening is absolutely killer.

  4. Totally agree, life is much more enjoyable when limiting the amount of sports radio listened to. Even keeping up on the twittering is not worth it, as exemplified by the incorrect Carl Crawford reports coming out yesterday. Take it all with a grain of salt and feel a lot better at the end of the day.

  5. Francessa problem I found yesterday is that Sandy said they werent “rebuilding” but that since he didn’t make any big named signings, he lied to the fans and insulted thier intelligence.

    Only problem is that any intelligent fan already realized it was a transition year. Francessa just sees no in between. Since sandy told him they werent flat out tanking the year and rebuilding, Francessa thinks that means they have to break the bank and make a full on playoff push.

    With him and his Yankee mentality, there is stay the course and see if things break right for the year.

  6. Yeah, true, but when these mainstream memes get too powerful, sometimes ownership starts listening.

    Since you are sort of part of the system, why don’t you change all their homepages to lolcats or something? Set up filters on their firewalls. Yaknow, the lord’s work.

    • Ha, if only I had that sort of access.

      I agree though, and obviously I think concern with public perception led to some of the major failures of the last administration. I hope — maybe “fantasize” is a better word — that Sandy Alderson has thoroughly explained to all relevant parties that the Mets are going to have to shoulder some heat from the media for a little while, and how it doesn’t really matter.

      • Yeah, but I’m not sure how long Jeff and Fred can stay focused on that while the combination of all these shiny toys passing them by and being throttled by the back pages wears on their souls.

        If worst comes to worst, I suppose there’s always the slight chance that they hand over leadership of the team to Amazin’ Avenue and we rule by committee. So there’s that.

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