Here is a photo of Mo Vaughn with a giant sandwich

I’ve got meetings today. You’ve got Mo Vaughn with a giant sandwich:

Hat tip to Tino, who asks me if I could ever take on the challenge of reviewing something like the “Mo-Licious” seen here. The answer: I could try and at some point I probably will, but no chance I could eat that whole thing. Because I love food, I shy away from eating challenges that reward volume. If I ate that whole thing, I wouldn’t enjoy lunchmeat for a long time. And that would suck.

I did once win a lemon-eating contest, but that’s obviously a different skill. Actually, the attribute that won the challenge (and gift certificate) for me was my deftness in peeling citrus fruits.

4 thoughts on “Here is a photo of Mo Vaughn with a giant sandwich

  1. Mo Vaughn is from my hometown and a great diner, which has since, and regrettably closed, used to serve the “Mo Vaughn Special.” It was a breakfast dish and was about as close to perfection as I’ve ever seen. Oh yeah, lots of calories too.

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