The Mets should sign Pedro Martinez

Yeah, I said it.

Rumor says Pedro is open to pitching again in the 2011 season. I have no idea how much he’ll cost, and last time he pulled this all the reports said he was prohibitively expensive. Plus if he’s coming back he’s probably going to want to come back to a team likely to win, and that conservatively puts about 10-15 teams in better position than the Mets. Also, he’s 39 now and hasn’t pitched a full season since his first in Flushing in 2005. And he doesn’t seem any more apt to stay healthy and contribute to the Mets in 2011 than Jeff Francis or Chris Young.

But every single time Pedro makes noise about a comeback, I will argue that the Mets should oblige him. Pedro Martinez is one of my favorite pitchers and humans of all time, and though I recognize that any future Major League incarnation of Pedro would likely appear a shell of his former self, I’d be thrilled to watch the shell again.

Plus, not for nothing, he was pretty good in his small-sample return for the Phillies in 2009, and it’s not like the Mets have a glut of starting pitching.

34 thoughts on “The Mets should sign Pedro Martinez

  1. If we had a pitcher that needed half a season at AAA then maybe I would give him a Million and try it. Lord knows he owes us. But if we go into a season with him taking a rotation spot shame on us.

  2. As you noted Pedro has demonstrated that he has an unrealistically high value of the price for his services.

    Given that he hardly seems like the kind of player this GM will acquire this particular off season despite the obvious lack of MLB ready pitching currently in the organization.

    The Mets could probably sign 2 to 4 questionable starting pitchers to 1 year contracts, 1 of whom is reasonably likely to pan out, for the money Pedro would want just to pitch in the 2nd half after spending the 1st half under his much-over-publicized mango tree.

  3. Pedro would help a very very young staff for the first few months until Johan comes back. But you need a solid long releiver to eat up two or three innings whenever Pedro starts.

      • I think many of you doubters are underestimating Pedro’s ability as a thinker out there. Yes, he’d be a huge risk…but in a season where, let’s be honest, we have modest expectations at best, what wouldn’t you give to see Pedro toss 7 innings of 1 run ball? It’s not completely out of the question he could do it, and if anyone were ever capable of such a comeback, bet on that it’s Pedro Martinez.

  4. By the way Mark if you can dig up Gus Bell lets sign him . He has passed away a few decades ago though a major difference between a 45 year old and a dead guy unless your speaking of Oliver Perez. lol

  5. hey Ted, sign me instead. I’m only 64 and out of shape, but I’d come cheap. $500,000 is less than a million. Really, Pedro didn’t pitch last year, I wonder why? And he is on that same (rumored) steroid list floating around the net that Ollie, Loduca and Delgado are on. I’m beginning to think that internet list is spot on by now.

    • ed, if I were the Mets I’d definitely be interested in your services. After all, you are one of the most dominant pitchers of all time, a three-time Cy Young Award winner, an eight-time all-star and bound for the Hall of Fame.

      • Ted, I was kidding about me, but my point was about the suspected steroid usage. That list floating around should get serious study by any GM’s. There are a lot of guys who suddenly ran out of gas, shrunk or got injured.

    • Hank in Colorado, did you read the above post before commenting? I listed all the reasons he doesn’t really make much sense for the Mets, then admitted that I’m a huge fan and want to see him back because he’s my favorite pitcher ever. And on top of that, how does his likelihood for injury make him worse than the non-existent pitchers the Mets have for the back of their staff?

  6. Look guys, you need a lot of skill to pitch, but you also need guts, you need to be competitive, and you need to have the swagger and pedro has that, he always will which puts him over a lot of younger guys with much better stuff out thre, plus he has got experience and if he wants to come back i’m sure it’s not becuase he needs the money or to rot on a bench, this guy wants to prove something why cant the mets be the beneficiary of that, tell you what i’ll come watch pedro pitch anyday and i know at least 30 people who will right with me, who else can you say that about on our current rotation.

  7. How about Pedro as our two inning closer who pitches twice a week? He might not be bad in relief and if nothing else, he can keep K-Rod from vesting…and keep K-Rod from complaining about not vesting (after what Pedro did to Zimmer, he might be the only person at Citi Field K-Rod won’t dare punch).

  8. ::Nods head enthusiastically at every word written in this column::::

    Mets sign Pedro, I’ll sign up to buy those fancy pants seats for every home start.

    Mets could also stand to have his intellect around a staff that will feature neophytes like Beato and Niese.

    Plus, any conversations between Pedro and Dickey would more likely than not be the most interesting in MLB history. Oh man. Best idea of the winter. I miss Pedro.

  9. i will pay money to see Pedro pitch and that’s about all i’ll pay money for; well, besides a shake shack burger. i’ve been fairly optomistic about mets teams the past few yrs, but let’s face it folks, it seems that if the mets make the playoffs this year, it will be a major fluke; pedro would give citi field some electricity, so why not give him a try…as long as we don’t pay an arm and a leg for his services.

  10. I told my friend that the Mets should sign Pedro and he said we should also sign Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise because that would put the Mets in a DIe Hard/Mission Impossible scenario! Regardless, I love Pedro and would love to see him return to NY. Real Met fans know that Pedro helped legitimize us in 2005 and unfortunately injuries disturbed his tenure with us. He’s still a crafty pitcher but as expressed by other fans, his pay has to be lower than the $5-6M he supposedly asking for last year! $2.5M would be the max in guaranteed pay and add some incentives in innings pitched that might make him hit the $5M mark would be fair.
    Pedro=1st ballot hall of famer!

  11. For a one year minor league deal, I’d absolutely sign him (a la R.A. Dickey, and a host of other experienced pitchers who are a bit washed up who might be able to contribute at some point if absolutely necessary). Obviously Dickey is the surprise of the decade, if not the last 25 years as far as old pitchers coming out of the minors (enough so I’m hoping the Mets make him a minimum of a 3 year deal, hopefully with 2 option years), but IIRC, El Duque wasn’t expected to contribute in… what year was it, 2006? And he did. Who expected Pedro to propel the Phillies to a championship in whatever year that was. Again, if he’d take a 1 year minor league deal (and again, he won’t), I’d do it. Otherwise the risk is too great.

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