Top Thing of 2010: Mark Sanchez wears a Taco Bell hat

On the Aug. 18 episode of Hard Knocks, TedQuarters hero, Jets franchise quarterback and general handsome-fella-about-town Mark Sanchez wore a Taco Bell hat to a team meeting.

We later heard Sanchez describe Cortland as “awesome” presumably because he was able to make friends with and procure a hat from “the nice ladies at Taco Bell.”

Then, of course, a month later came news that Sanchez grew up near Taco Bell headquarters and is a huge fan of the chain’s fine Mexican-style food products, and that he — like me — orders his burritos without tomatoes.

The intersection of two of this blog’s favorite subjects, Mark Sanchez and Taco Bell, quite clearly deserves its ranking as the top thing of 2010, and should earn consideration for the lofty title of Greatest Thing Ever.

I have spent the past three months lobbying everyone from the custodian to the CEO at SNY to help me set up an interview/bro-date with Sanchez at Taco Bell, but I don’t think anyone fully understands how obviously this needs to happen. So I will lobby the Internet: Mark Sanchez, eat a burrito with me.

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