Oh yeah, Mets get some guy

While I was on vacation, the Mets got some guy. His name is Chin-Lung Hu, and he’s interesting mostly because he leads all Taiwanese-born Major Leaguers in most offensive categories. Of course, he’s one of only two Taiwanese-born position players that have played in the Majors, and he actually trails pitcher Hong-Chih Kuo in slugging percentage and OPS.

That’s the bad part: He’s not much of a hitter. He enjoyed one very good season in the Minors across two levels in 2007, but he almost never walks and has been downright Rafael Belliard awful in his first 173 Major League at-bats.

Apparently Hu is an excellent defender, though. If the Mets go with a platoon of Daniel Murphy and Justin Turner or Brad Emaus at second base, perhaps Hu takes the 25th spot on the roster as the all-purpose defensive backup and utility infielder. Like Alex Cora, except cheaper, better at defense, and hopefully never called upon to pinch hit.

Thinking out loud: That would make the bench whichever of Murphy and his platoon partner isn’t playing, Ronny Paulino, a fourth outfielder, Nick Evans or Lucas Duda and Hu. Evans is out of options, which probably gives him a leg up on Duda. Of course, if the fourth outfielder in question does not bat left-handed, the Mets might be forced to reconsider. Another good reason to pursue Fred Lewis.

Hu and tragic-homer-hero Luis Hernandez are both also out of options, but I’m maintaining hope that the Mets’ new front-office administration knows better than the last that its worth risking the loss of a player on waivers to optimize the 25-man roster.

Also, and most importantly, should Hu ever reach base safely for the Mets (or spell Ike Davis, for that matter), we’ll inevitably get a “Hu’s on first” comment from the SNY booth. And that gives me a good excuse to remind y’all that this is amazing:

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