Sandwich Hall of Fame now a thing

Check out the sidebar. I think I got all of them, but if you remember any Hall of Fame sandwiches I missed, let me know and I’ll add ’em.

I made the executive decision to put the heretofore unrated Defonte’s of Brooklyn hot roast beef sandwich in the hall. Call it a Veteran’s Committee selection. I came to the decision based on a combination of the many strong recommendations from sandwich enthusiasts I trust with my own growing desire to eat another and recollection that — in addition to having eaten the sandwich at an inopportune moment, I was a bit sick the day I tried it. And it was still really delicious. So I assume that’s a worthy Hall of Fame sandwich in optimal conditions.

If you hover over a link, the description will provide the name and location of each sandwich’s purveyor. Or just click through for full details of the sandwich. And also because you love giving me more page views.

I wish I could figure out some way to make plaques, but I don’t think it’d be fair to the sandwiches to depict them in bronze. Also, I’m extremely lazy. So this will have to do for now.

To make room for the Sandwich Hall of Fame, I’ve killed the Twitter feed widget, which never worked right for some reason. But I’ve placed the Sandwich Hall of Fame below Embarrassing Things About Cole Hamels, because nothing in the Sandwich Hall of Fame directly relates to anything embarrassing about Cole Hamels.

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