Mets getting their s@#$ together

It sounds like the Mets are doing exactly the same thing I’m doing: Scrambling to tie up a bunch of loose ends before heading down to Spring Training.

They’ve restructured their scouting department under J.P. Ricciardi. Andy Martino has more, but the crux of it is that instead of assigning scouts to levels and/or regions, they’re assigning them to comprehensively scout other organizations, top to bottom. Pro scouts will be responsible for three organizations each.

They’ve brought back lefty Casey Fossum, who pitched in Japan last year. Fossum is probably best remembered as that guy I kept drafting to fantasy teams in the middle part of the last decade hoping he’d figure out how to turn his Nintendo pitches into Major League success. He never did, and though he’s way better against lefties than righties, his Major League lines against lefty hitters probably are not good enough to play for a lefty specialist. Still, most of his Major League work has come out of the rotation, so perhaps in a strictly relief role he could flummox Ryan Howard often enough to deserve a roster spot.

And they’ve signed a dude named Dale Thayer to a Minor League deal without inviting him to Major League camp. Matt Cerrone predicted I would welcome Thayer because of his sweet mustache, and he’s absolutely right. It is a sweet mustache, so I do welcome Thayer. Plus Thayer reportedly throws in the low 90s and has been a good reliever at every Minor League stop — though he’s 30 now and has always been old for his level.

I’m never clear on why certain guys get invited to Major League camp and others don’t. Since Thayer pitched in the Majors last year (however briefly) he seems like he should have been at least invited to hang out with the big-leaguers for a little while, but then I guess the decisions could easily have as much to do with the number of available lockers as it does with Thayer’s ability.

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