Q&A with Joe McEwing

More clearinghouse from Fantasy Camp. Busy day today, limited time for actual thinking.

Joe McEwing is precisely as energetic as you’d expect Joe McEwing to be. Before I interviewed him, during one of the Fantasy Camp games he was managing, he had taken hold of a camera from one of the camp photographers while simultaneously coaching first base.

TB: I see you’re taking up photography.

JM: I’m trying to broaden my horizons. I don’t think it’s going to be the best piece that they get.

TB: Well you played everywhere, maybe you can take over…

JM: Oh no no, I’m OK to stay on the field.

TB: Where are you going to be managing this year?

JM: In Triple-A with the White Sox, in Charlotte.

TB: Do you think you bring the same style do managing as you did to playing?

JM: Yeah, I try to take bits and pieces of everyone I’ve come across managing-wise and player wise and try to mold it into my own style. One thing I don’t forget is how hard this game is to play. It’s not an easy game to play. I go out there and treat everyone the way I want to be treated, and I think that has helped me a lot.

TB: Do you have your eye on managing in the Majors?

JM: Yeah, it’d be another dream come true and it’s something I look forward to. But for me, right now, I’m in no rush. It’s nice to see other kids’ dreams come true now.

TB: You played with some of the current Mets. Are you still in touch with any of them?

JM: I stay in touch with David Wright. We’re still good friends.

TB: Did you talk to him during the season at all?

JM: Yeah, we talk all the time, during the season and in the Winter. It’s a friendship. Mostly we talk about stuff off the field. He’s got enough going on with competing in New York and playing on the field.

TB: What’s your best memory from your time with the Mets?

JM: Oh, I had many. Obviously, playing in the World Series in 2000. Fulfilling a dream, being able to compete in the World Series, unfortunately we came out on the losing end. But I think the best was the relief efforts after 9/11. It was an opportunity to give back to the city and the whole world. To allow people to free their minds for a few hours, after that tragedy, that was special for me.

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