Henry Sims for President of everything

In other words, it’s good to see Georgetown center Henry Sims — who is apparently running for vice president of the Georgetown student body — approaching his candidacy in that spirit.

Eamonn Brennan, ESPN.com.

Sims, if you don’t know, is a junior backup center for the Georgetown Hoyas basketball team. He has been a bit of a disappointment since entering the school as a pretty big recruit a couple of years ago, but he has developed into an important role player on the ninth-ranked squad this year and has had his share of exciting, highlight-reel moments on the floor. He is extremely tall.

And here’s what sucks about Georgetown University: The student-government election isn’t going to be anywhere near the runaway it should be whenever a member of a ninth-ranked college basketball team runs for office, because Georgetown students are just that lame. Instead of being like, “Holy crap, Henry Sims, remember that awesome dunk?” undergrads are going to be all, “well, I’m glad that Henry Sims is exercising his right to run for student office but what are his opinions on the important student-government issues?” even though there are no important student-government issues.

Then some other students, I guarantee you, will be like, “Well, Henry seems like a plenty qualified candidate, but I’m concerned he won’t have time to dedicate himself to his student-government duties, considering his commitment to the basketball team.” And still others will probably say, “Henry Sims is lying to us! I bet he’s not from Baltimore at all! Don’t vote for Henry Sims!”

So if you happen to be a Georgetown undergraduate and you’re reading this, please, do the right thing and make this student-government election the popularity contest all student-government elections should be. I promise you that in his 4.1 points, 3.3 rebounds and 0.6 blocks per game this season Henry Sims has already done more for you than any other candidate ever will. Consider his the first ticket to ever earn the official endorsement of the Harry Balls campaign.

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