Something actually happens: Mets cut guys

The Mets cut eight players today. Adam Rubin has the unofficial list.

No big surprises here. Dillon Gee heads to Buffalo, securing Chris Capuano’s spot as the fifth starter. Ryota Igarashi, Boof Bonser and Taylor Tankersley were three of the four longest shots in my Mets bullpen odds post, and I don’t think anyone ever seriously figured Jason Pridie, Russ Adams, Raul Chavez or Dusty Ryan for opening the season with the big-league club. In fact, depending on how the Major League roster shakes out I’m not even certain any of those guys will be everyday players in Buffalo.

The bigger news, I suppose, is the guys that weren’t cut: Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo hang on, but more importantly to this blog at this moment, our horse in the second-base race Justin Turner gets to stick around for at least another day or two. It seemed a fait accompli — at least among the team’s beat writers — that Turner would be cut this morning.

I imagine some fans and nearly all media will find it frustrating that the team hasn’t yet pared down the second-base competition, but, well, whatever. Stepping back from it, I’d rather the assorted decision-makers take their time and make the right choice than haphazardly stick Luis Hernandez in the spot because he has looked good over the past week.

So we beat on, etc.

A number of people have pointed out to me, incidentally, that since Brad Emaus is a Rule 5 guy and Turner has options, the Mets should keep Emaus around and extend his audition into the season, knowing they have Turner stashed in Triple-A as a fallback option.

I don’t think that’s a terrible plan. My case for Turner is only that his Triple-A stats from 2010 are, due to park and league factors, more impressive than Emaus’, and it doesn’t seem like most Mets fans appreciate that.

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