Depth perception

Twitterer @SNESMaster asked me this morning if the Mets seem to have more depth than in previous years. I was actually thinking about this last night.

I put together this chart, comparing the Mets’ Plan As, Bs and Cs at the non-pitching positions Opening Day 2011 to those from 2010. To the previous administration’s credit (and as noted in the chart), the 2010 Mets started with three would-be regulars on the disabled list. Still — and maybe I’m just being optimistic here — it looks like a pretty stark contract.

Ronny Paulino gets an asterisk because he’ll be suspended to start the year. I put Carlos Beltran down for “disabled” to start the season not because I’m certain that will be the case, but just to hedge my optimism. Obviously if Beltran is disabled it opens up another big-league roster spot to start the season, so you could probably slide Nick Evans in for Willie Harris in left and/or right field.

If it weren’t for the presence of David Wright in last year’s lineup, I might actually take this year’s Buffalo lineup over the fellows trotted out at Citi Field last April.

Sorry if it looks a bit funky. Tables screw with this WordPress theme.

First 2011:

Position Starter Backup Triple-A
C Josh Thole Ronny Paulino* Mike Nickeas
1B Ike Davis Daniel Murphy Nick Evans?
2B Brad Emaus Daniel Murphy Justin Turner
3B David Wright Daniel Murphy Zach Lutz
SS Jose Reyes Chin-Lung Hu Ruben Tejada
LF Jason Bay Willie Harris Lucas Duda
CF Angel Pagan Willie Harris Jason Pridie
RF Scott Hairston Willie Harris Fernando Martinez
Disabled Carlos Beltran

And now 2010:

Position Starter Backup Triple-A
C Rod Barajas Henry Blanco Josh Thole
1B Mike Jacobs Frank Catalanotto Ike Davis
2B Luis Castillo Ruben Tejada Russ Adams
3B David Wright Fernando Tatis Mike Cervenak
SS Alex Cora Ruben Tejada Luis Hernandez
LF Jason Bay Angel Pagan Chris Carter
CF Gary Matthews Jr. Angel Pagan Jesus Feliciano
RF Jeff Francoeur Angel Pagan Fernando Martinez
Disabled Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, Daniel Murphy

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