Further adjusted bullpen odds

As promised. A reminder: I recognize that we’re talking about the last two spots in the bullpen here and it’s all inevitably going to change once the season gets started and injuries begin to pile up. But find me something more compelling to talk about and we’ll cover that instead. Would you prefer constant updates on Oliver Perez?

Pedro Beato (1:2): Beato becomes a better-than-even-money favorite to land a job based on his age, upside and Rule 5 status. I’m not calling him a lock yet, but it doesn’t seem like any of the other guys has shown enough to wrest a spot from the 24-year-old.

Manny Acosta (1:1): Despite a rough outing yesterday, Acosta moves up the list. As I said earlier, he has been more effective and more often healthy as a Major Leaguer than Boyer has. He could make it through waivers even if he doesn’t crack the roster.

Blaine Boyer (2:1): Boyer, based on Adam Rubin’s report earlier, is the big gainer here. His eight Spring Training innings probably help his chances more than they should; he has a career WHIP of 1.438, not great for a reliever.

Jason Isringhausen (3:1): Isringhausen, a favorite to win a job the first time I did this, slides further down the list. Though he reportedly felt great the first time throwing after hearing a pop in his elbow and being shut down for five days, he heard a pop in his elbow and had to be shut down for five days. Since carrying Isringhausen would mean the team could lose Acosta, Boyer and Pat Misch as fallback options, it seems like a riskier choice by the day. I’m still rooting for Izzy regardless. And this story from the Bergen Record is sort of heartbreaking.

Pat Misch (7:1): Misch remains versatile, accurate, left-handed and subject to waivers, all factors working in his favor. Sure doesn’t sound like he’ll make the club though. I am a Pat Misch fan, so here’s hoping he clears waivers — certainly a possibility — and joins Dillon Gee, Jenrry Mejia, Josh Stinson and Boof Bonser in a surprisingly deep Buffalo rotation.

Mike O’Connor (11:1): O’Connor still throws left-handed, but since he has options, it’s hard to figure how he could trump fellow lefty Misch for a roster spot. He will likely vie with Taylor Tankersley for opportunities out of the Buffalo bullpen.

The field (23:1): Keep fighting, Les Walrond.

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