Turn on, tune in…

The Internet is abuzz this morning with something someone said on talk radio. I haven’t traced it all the way back to the source yet — I’m in Miami and I’ve got plenty else to do. But in response, I tweeted this:

I got a few responses. Some pointed out that criticism of sports talk-radio is no different from the teeing off on newspaper columnists that I frequently endeavor in this space. I never said it was. I choose to read the newspaper every day. I find it a convenient way to catch up on the local teams while I’m commuting. And I find it entertaining.

I choose not to listen to sports-talk radio — at least not very often and only if I’m feeling masochistic. I don’t fault anyone who does. If it offers you some value, by all means, keep listening. I just wanted to remind everyone that there is always a choice, and I believe a certain level of discourse is best left ignored. Plus, like I said, there’s music on.

Others said that sports-talk radio drives a lot of the conversation I respond to on this site. That might be true. But to that I guess I’d say: Who really cares? With sports and sandwiches and dinosaurs and everything else, there are always plenty of angles to discuss. If they are or aren’t driven by one medium, they’ll be driven by another.

But I’m curious.

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