Everybody panic

The Mets lost tonight. They are in last place and on pace to go 0-162.

Josh Johnson is really awesome at pitching. In the clubhouse after the game, just about every Met said so. They also said they “battled” and that “you have to tip your hat to the guy.”

Presumably you saw the game. If you didn’t, you didn’t miss much: Mike Pelfrey struggled to find the strike zone and Johnson was typically excellent. Willie Harris had a pair of hits and Beltran drove a double down the line.

Tomorrow is Saturday, but since I’m still in Miami it won’t be like a normal Saturday on TedQuarters. I need to find a sandwich so there might not be much in the morning, but I’ll be here at Sun Life Stadium in the afternoon writing posts that I hope are more substantive than this one.

For now, the important thing is to read way too much into small samples and freak the hell out. WILL THE METS EVER WIN A GAME?

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