Hester Prynned

Ever come down five minutes too late to move your car for alternate side parking only to find the Sanitation Department has slapped on one of those stickers that’s totally impossible to get off without leaving scratch marks and a sticky residue on your window? Councilman David Greenfield hates that too, so tomorrow he’s planning on introducing legislation to ban the stickers, saying fines are plenty for parking scofflaws. He asked the Daily News, “It’s a pretty punitive form of punishment. I mean, what’s next? We’re going to start slashing people’s tires when they don’t park on the correct side?”

Jaya Saxena, Gothamist.

I’m all for publicly shaming bad drivers and maybe even bad parkers too, but I agree that it’s a little extreme to make driving and parking more difficult — by blocking vision — for those who forget to move their cars for alternate-side parking.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for street cleaning, but I lived for four years on a crowded block that apparently required cleaning four days a week. Whenever I kept a car there — thankfully not all that often — I constantly had to juggle my schedule to make sure I could move it at the appropriate times. Huge pain in the ass.

Plus it was hard enough to find parking in the area that everyone basically just double parked on the opposite side of the street for the two-hour street-cleaning stretch. If you were parked on the side that wasn’t getting cleaned between 11 and 1 and you knew you had to drive somewhere at noon, you had to plan ahead of time to move your car to the other side of the street at some point before 11, then double park it at 11 so you could actually get out when you needed to. And it’s like, I got stuff to do besides shuffling my car around.

I think the people who do deserve scarlet letters for driving are those that try to go through the E-ZPass lane without an E-ZPass. Nothing on the windows, just maybe a bumper sticker that says “I SUCK” so that other drivers will know not to follow that person into an EZ-Pass lane next time.

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