Or they could do that

Remember what I said this morning about how Brad Emaus should get plenty of opportunities to prove his merit as a Major Leaguer? Forget all that. The Mets have DFA’d him and called up Justin Turner from Triple-A.

Seems like sort of a knee-jerk move to me. We’ll see if the Blue Jays don’t want Emaus and he can pass through waivers, but it’s hard to figure why 42 plate appearances would be enough to give up on a guy to whom they were willing to hand the starting second-base job not even a month ago.

Like I said during Spring Training, Turner has done more than Emaus ever did in the Minors and is probably a better hitter right now. The move likely improves the Major League roster, it’s just not great for organizational depth. If the Mets’ front office concluded Emaus is never going to be any sort of Major League contributor, then yeah, might as well send him packing. But it’s unclear why 16 games, no matter how bad Emaus looked, would convince them of that if Spring Training didn’t.

Anyway, the good news is this paves the way for the Murphman-Turner Overdrive scenario I suggested back in November. Turner and Daniel Murphy, in a platoon, should combine to hit like a pretty good second baseman. If they can cut it defensively, they represent a pretty big upgrade over Luis Castillo and some of the dreck the Mets have trotted out to second base over the past few years.

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