All things must pass

The Mets lost last night, as you probably know. This means, obviously, that the Nats somehow snuffed out the competitive fire ignited in the Amazins when Jose Reyes got mistakenly called out at third on Wednesday night. Jason Bay’s measured leadership failed to sustain the club through a series sweep, and the players all forgot R.A. Dickey’s motivational postgame interview from last week.

Or Livan Hernandez benefited from wide-seeming strike zone, Chris Capuano didn’t pitch all that well, Carlos Beltran misjudged a fly ball and the Nats took the game, one of 162 both teams will play this season.

Willie Harris struck out with the game on the line in the ninth. He now looks like a shell of the clutch offensive sparkplug that carried the Mets through the first week of the season. Actually, he now looks a hell of a lot like Willie Harris.

Oh and down in St. Lucie, Matt Harvey allowed the first four earned runs of his professional career. If they keep playing baseball long enough there’ll eventually be a pitcher that never allows a run, the whole monkeys-at-typewriters thing. But Matt Harvey is not that pitcher. He too is subject to the sport’s whims.

Everything in baseball returns to order eventually. Except Livan Hernandez; he’s magical.

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