BREAKING: Some guy may or may not buy Mets

Depending on what you read, rich guy Steve Cohen is either close to buying, very interested in buying, or not at all buying some share of the New York Mets.

You can’t see me shrugging. But I’m shrugging.

I’ve never brokered a $200 million deal, but I imagine these things are wonderfully complex even when one party isn’t mired in a massive billion-dollar lawsuit. So I figure the sale of the Mets is a pretty complicated thing, there’s little advantage to any party involved to be forthcoming to the press about any of it until it’s done, and there are hundreds of hungry sports and financial journalists desperate to take even the tiniest scrap of information and spin it into misleading or downright false conclusions.

So you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t believe a single thing I read about the partial sale of the Mets until the Mets are partially (or, for that matter, wholly) sold.

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