How the Mets came to wearing black

This has been making its way around the Internet, but it came to me via Alex. Turns out, the Mets started wearing black uniforms due in part to their marketing department and in part to ousted and disgraced clubhouse manager Charlie Samuels, who seems to be quickly replacing Tony Bernazard as the bugaboo responsible for everything that went wrong in Flushing for the past 20 years.

The interview with black-uniform designer Bob Halfacre an entertaining read from Paul Lukas, and it’s been fun to follow the Samuels stuff if only because it provides a bit of insight into some of the things even credentialed reporters don’t see inside Major League Baseball operations. The problem is, since we don’t see similar reports on other organizations, we have few points of comparison for any of this.

B ut certainly, since Samuels was such a long-tenured Mets employee who undoubtedly had more responsibility than most clubhouse managers, he had more say in matters like uniform choices and, apparently, shady back-of-the-truck memorabilia sales than most in his position.

As for the black uniforms: I’m not a huge fan, but I’m such a contrarian by nature and there’s such fervent distaste for them among fellow Mets fans that it’s difficult for me to muster up the strength to rally against them. I guess I just care a lot more about the quality of the team on the field than the color of the jersey it is wearing.

Plus — and this is going to really bother some people — I’d honestly be all for the Mets slightly altering their primary colors. I like wearing baseball hats, but — and, I know, heresy! — the Mets’ royal blue is a little loud for my tastes. My fitteds of choice in recent years have been a Colt .45s throwback and a Detroit Tigers home hat, Magnum PI style.

Perhaps I’ll be tarred and feathered in Willets Point for writing this, but if the Mets muted their colors a bit, I’d be a lot more likely to support them at times when I’m not specifically going to a Mets game. Sorry.

Straight-up trolling.

UPDATE: I realize I didn’t suggest an alternative to the existing colors: Something like the Colt .45s’ navy and orange might be nice. Or maybe just like a slate blue, something grayer than the current bright royal, with a darker orange. Maybe something unlike anything that’s currently on a Major League uniform. Outside the box here.

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